001: Talking Big Daring Business Moves & Being A Freak With Chris Brogan

001: Talking Big Daring Business Moves & Being A Freak With Chris Brogan

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Welcome to the Big Daring Business Show!

The Big Daring Business Show is my brand, spanking new podcast where every Wednesday I’ll be interviewing a world class business leader. We will be talking business, marketing, social media, success and I’ll be asking them about the biggest and most daring moves they’ve ever made in their business! Stayed tuned because I promise I’ll be bringing you amazing guests!

I’m so freaking excited to introduce you to our very first guest, Chris Brogan!

Chris is a New York Time and Wall St Journal best selling author and he’s a keynote speaking at the top social media and marketing events in the world! He’s the president of an educational & media company called Human Business Works and he’s consulted with companies Disney, Microsoft, Coke, Google, Motorola to name just a few! He’s also the publisher of Owner Magazine a business magazine helps people grow their capabilities and connections.

In this episode, we talk:

Traditional and digital relationships

The biggest, boldest move Chris has made in his business

What Chris has learned about business this week

How and why we should embrace being a freak!

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  1. Great! I’m going to read his book, sounds like he has written it for me. 😀 I’m totally looking forward to the next episodes.

    P.S. I know about your little secret! 😉

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