009: Talking the laptop lifestyle, freedom based business and adventure with The Suitcase Entrepreneur Natalie Sisson

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Welcome to the Big Daring Business Show Episode 9!

The Big Daring Business Show is my podcast where I’ll be interviewing a world class business leader. We will be talking business, marketing, social media, success and I’ll be asking them about the biggest and most daring moves they’ve ever made in their business! Stayed tuned because I promise I’ll be bringing you amazing guests!

Introducing today’s Big Daring Business Show Guest…Natalie Sisson, The Suitcase Entrepreneur!

Natalie Sisson is a New Zealand entrepreneur and adventurer who lives in her suitcase, traveling the world, whilst ensuring she helps others to create freedom in business and adventure in life.

In this episode, we talk…

Getting out of the comfort zone

Reaching goals

How to get ready to leave your job and prepare for a life of adventure

How to get more done in less time

The traits necessary for success

The people who inspire Natalie

Show Links

Natalie’s website

The Freedom Plan Programme

Natalie MacNeil

Richard Branson

Tony Robbins

This week in my business I talk…

My laptop lifestyle trial from Barcelona

Taking the leap before you are ready

My Barcelona rooftop office

My Barcelona rooftop office

Don’t forget to leave a comment on the blog about the big daring moves you are going to make in your life and business this week! :)

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