How To Be An Online Content Machine

How To Be An Online Content Machine

The problem with producing online content is we over-analyse. We over-think. We stall!

So, let’s stop it.

To become an online content machine – but a content machine that works with EASE, not hard-work, do the following;

Don’t hold back. When you have something you want to share – share it. Then and there.

You can write much faster than you think (for blog posts for example, or maybe audio is your things?)

Share from your heart. Or mind. Or wherever it comes from!

Forget about schedules. Forget about times. Forget about how many words should be in a blog post.

Forget about writing rough drafts of blog posts that you go back and edit and then edit again. Then save it in a folder for another week. Just write and HIT PUBLISH on the first draft.

If you feel like doing that 10 days in a row – go for it.

If you only feel the need to do it once a month – do that.

What’s going to prevent your progress?

Preparing. Perfecting. Permission. Just give yourself permission to follow what you WANT to do rather than wait until the content publishing rules tell you it’s a good time.

Don’t worry about producing too much content! Honestly, the people who want to hear from you will love what you have to share. If it’s too much for other people, they unfollow, unfriend, unsubscribe or whatever.

Remember, you aren’t here to please EVERYONE. You should actively attract the RIGHT people to you (because you are being 100% in your business & life) and feel no way about repelling the WRONG people. Who wants a community of the wrong people? You’ll end up with the wrong customers, who turn into difficult customers, who cause you headaches, then you feel miserable and moany about the work you are doing etc etc…. Perhaps a topic for another day – Attracting the PERFECT clients!

So anyway, sure, I could show you how produce content in a ‘facts and stats’ way if you want and I can tell you all the latest rules (And I’ll add that for big businesses, brands etc, they are relevant), but for us, as individuals who are running our own businesses or about to, you don’t have to follow the same rules.

I’ve changed the way I produce social media content and I’ve stopped following those rules and I can only see the positives from it.


  • I have much more FREEDOM in my business and life
  • I get to be spontaneous and act instinctively, intuitively and from moments of passion ;). But take this newsletter now. When I sat down to write this morning, THIS is what I wanted to write about and share with you. There’s nothing pre-planned. It’s not part of a schedule of newsletters. I haven’t had this sitting in a folder for weeks or months. This will have been sent to you straight after I finished typing the last word 1 minute ago.)
  • I don’t hold back or hesitate. I get my stuff out there straight away and it doesn’t take up brain space or get added to my to-do list – ie ‘Remember to send out promotional Facebook update at 8pm when most people are online’
  • My audience has grown
  • My blog readership has grown
  • Breaking the rules is FUN! It’s liberating. Try it!

When you try and force content out into the world just for the sake of it, you aren’t going to produce your best work. It’ll feel ‘forced’ to the readers. It will feel stale.

Don’t save up a good idea for another time. Just get it out into the world there and then. You’ll have another good idea again, I promise!

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