Why you should give up your crazy entrepreneurial dreams

Why you should give up your crazy entrepreneurial dreams

You are lazy. You expect instant results for minimum effort. You see the overnight success of top entrepreneurs and think that’s what will happen for you.

Action: Go and ask those entrepreneurs how many YEARS they have put in before they hit the big time. Ask them about the sacrifices they made. Ask them about the relentless days, hour after hour of taking two steps forward and one step back. Ask them about the times when they nearly lost their house or went bankrupt in pursuit of their passions. Then ask YOURSELF if you are will to walk the same path for your ‘overnight success’.

You have limited thinking about business, life and the world at large. You can’t really see much beyond the end of your nose. You have invested little or no time to personal development to expand your learning, your knowledge, or to learn new skills and habits, or even develop your own personal philosophy.

Action: Make personal development part of your DAILY routine. Read for an hour a day. Discover authors, speakers and leaders who have different takes on life and work who you can learn from. Join discussion groups or meet ups that will challenge you and help give you a higher level of thinking. Work on yourself and your mindset every single day.

You can’t withstand stress. If you are going to step away from the ‘normal’ way of life, strike out on your own and do something different, and truly go for your goals and have life on your terms then you need to push the boundaries. The mental boundaries you set yourself, but also the actions you take. If you risk nothing, you get nothing.

Action: Break the rules. Set your own. Always go beyond your comfort zone. Take a risk. Repeat every day and get used to it.

You crumble under criticism. When you do something different, everyone suddenly has an opinion. From your parents who think you are crazy to not take the 9-5 job with good health insurance, to your best friend isn’t quite sure of the ‘new’ you and what you are up to. Not to mention putting yourself out there online, your own opinions and your products and opening yourself up. Now’s the time to grow a backbone.

Action: Don’t be swayed by everyone’s opinion or you will be pulled in 100 directions. Stay true to your path, your goals, your ambitions. How to decide if someone’s opinion IS actually worth taking on board; ask yourself these questions. Is this a person I know and care about? Do I respect and trust their opinion? ONLY then listen to what they have to say. If you listen to ‘everybody’, you could fold and kill your dreams.

You are full of ideas, but not action. Your ideas are worth nothing if you aren’t taking action. Anyone can have ideas. Not everyone actually puts those ideas out into the world, and takes the action to see them come to life. Want to actually start seeing results? Then actually DO SOMETHING!

Action: Take flipping action! Strike when the iron’s hot. Strike when you have that ‘must do’ idea that’s got you all excited and your heart racing. DO NOT write down your idea on a big ideas list to do ‘one day’; when you have time, when you are ready, when the moon turns blue. DO IT NOW. Today. You will get a lot further, faster on your road of entrepreneurship if you stop dreaming and start doing.

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