Shedding the debris of history

Shedding the debris of history

The other week an ex-boyfriend of OVER 20 YEARS got in touch with me on my birthday to wish me a happy birthday. An innocent enough thing you might think, but he’s married with a child or two (and my message to him would still have been the same if he had been single and child free) and every few years he pops up with some reason to get in touch, and I’d really had enough. He is very much part of history and that’s that. When he decides sporadically to pop into my life again, it feels like a hangover that just won’t go away. I told him once and for all not to contact me again.

If you know me, or have read my posts etc, you know I advocate only keeping the RIGHT people in your life. It’s so important. Who do you whine and moan and bitch about? You have a choice in the matter,  and you should exercise that choice.

I mentioned the story to a friend who actually knew this guy and had met him all those years ago, and she said ‘Debris of history‘. And I thought, THAT’S exactly what it is!

So it got me thinking about the debris we still carry around in our businesses and life that not only just doesn’t serve us, but actually holds us back.

The debris itself could be people, things, or actions we are taking.

I want you to spend 30 minutes thinking about this and deciding what debris needs to go, and if you would like my help with this exercise and much more, then check out my ecourse that begins tomorrow 3rd November

People; just because someone is a part of your past, it doesn’t automatically give them a place in your present or your future. You may have changed. They may have changed. Circumstances may have changed. Examine who you allow to take up your time and energy, decide if it’s positive or negative, and if that person isn’t filling you with happiness, supporting you, lifting you up; GET RID OF THEM. Yes, I mean family members too.

Things; God we hold on to a lot of CRAP! What are all the physical things you are holding onto, but yet you don’t actually need. Are you surrounding yourself, literally, with stuff that is just gathering dust. It’s amazing how much physical debris we collect. It’s time to shed it! Last summer I went through almost every thing I owed and was ruthless. My apartment is quite small, but even I was astounded by how much ‘stuff’ I owed (I’d become very good at space saving lol). Only keep your MOST treasured items. Only keep the stuff you actually use (100 pairs of shoes, many of which I had never worn. Gone! Or 6 champagne glasses when actually it would be a squeeze to entertain six people in my apartment; 3 would suffice). Keep ONLY the best, get rid of the old, used, worn. When you do that you will actually FEEL FREE. It’s a physical activity that has such a positive mental effect!

Actions; What old habits are you STILL continuing in your business & your life? What action debris are you continuing? Be aware that you are allowing this to take up your time and energy that could be spent on new, fresh, current habits and actions that will take you MUCH further than the debris habits and actions will. We get so ingrained into thinking we have to do thing one way, because it’s the way we’ve always done it, and that’s the way that everyone else does it, that we continue even if it’s not the best action for us. Stop doing what’s not working, stop doing the things you think you SHOULD do, stop doing the things you don’t like and replace that debris with actions that are really going to make you happy as well as actually support your goals and ambition.

  • You have a say in who you have in your life and business.
  • You have a choice in the things you keep in your life.
  • You get to decide on the actions you are going to take to get you where you want to be.

It’s TOTALLY possible for you to call the shots in your life and work. You CAN create the life and lifestyle you dream of. You just have to decide what it is you want, and then be willing to go out and CLAIM IT!

STARTING TOMORROW, join me over the next 4 weeks in creating a business and life based on FREEDOM, making money on your terms, and to really step up and march to the beat of your own drum. I mean full out. NO MORE dreaming about it, thinking about it, wishing it, it’s time to DO IT. CREATE IT. LIVE IT. 

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