How Long Will It Take?

How Long Will It Take?

A frequent question that comes up about success when I’m coaching my clients is

How Long Will It Take?

The truth is

I Don’t Know.

Perhaps you expect me to say…

This is exactly what you must do.

And here are the prescribed 10 steps.

And after X amount of days/weeks you will get X results.

It doesn’t work like THAT! Not if you are looking for success, TRUE SUCCESS, in creating the life and work you say you want, ON YOUR TERMS.

Look at any ‘overnight success’ and ask them how many YEARS they were working on their goals day in day out.

Ask them the SACRIFICES they made.

Ask them what they had to CHANGE about themselves, or their habit or their ACTIONS.

Ask them how long it took them to FIGURE THINGS OUT.

Ask them how many times they FAILED.

Ask them how many obstacles tried to prevent them from moving forward and they had to NAVIGATE.

Ask them how many times they nearly GAVE UP.

Ask them how many times will they got distracted and got OFF TRACK.

Ask them how FAST they acted.

Ask them how often they got STUCK IN A RUT.

Ask them about the times their CONFIDENCE didn’t show up.

Ask them how many times did they take 2 steps forward and one step back.

Ask them how DETERMINED they were to get what they want.

EVERYBODY’S journey is different. How can it NOT be?

How Long Will It Take YOU?

It’s entirely down to you. YOUR story, YOUR success, YOUR outcomes are all up to YOU.

I can help you with your goals, getting super focused so you are certain you are on the right track, I can share my strategies and how-to’s and give you accountability and a sound board and the support you need to make the changes and transformation you want but the OUTCOME, the RESULTS….. They are all up to YOU. If you’d like my help and would like us to work together, then get in touch and book in a free call with me.

Believe more is possible. 



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