2 Ways To Double Your Results & Your Success

2 Ways To Double Your Results & Your Success

Freedom, planning and execution.

Over the last 12 years in business I’ve had euphoric highs of success and crushing blows of ‘failure’, it’s all part of the game and you’ve got to be willing to risk being uncomfortable if you are to live a life that 99% of people won’t.

There are 2 things I want to share with you today.

1. Deal with your crap first.

We’ve all got our excuses.
We’ve all got our stories.
We’ve all got our blocks.
We’ve all got our beliefs.
We’ve all got our reasons.
We’ve all got our history.

That, without curation, can get in our way. And I am sure you have enough things to do, but one of your jobs is to clear the way for your SUCCESS.

This is something I’ve repeatedly done over the years and certainly within the last 3 years. It really takes life to the NEXT LEVEL.

Do the work that will put you in a prime position for your success. The mental work and the spiritual work. Train your brain for success and prime your energy.

I see it as like emptying a vessel so you have ROOM for the good, the success, your hopes and dreams, to come in.

2. On a more practical note, make sure you are EXECUTING more than you’re planning.

Most entrepreneurs get stuck in the planning stages, but what they lack is putting the majority of their time and focus on the EXECUTION.

Don’t be one of those drifters. I know you’re not, but it’s important to remember the actions you are taking today and WHY you are taking them and most importantly HOW much closer they are taking you to your success.

Remember, believe more is possible,

2 Ways To Double Your Results & Your Success



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