How To Smash Through Brick Walls

How To Smash Through Brick Walls

Has a big brick wall suddenly appeared in front of you? Don’t let the appearance of a roadblock distract you on your road to success. 

Don’t let your circumstances rattle you. The key is to look ahead. Straight ahead. Eyes on your goal. And take action towards that go NO MATTER WHAT. You might stumble, you might fall, but you will ALWAYS get back up. Don’t look up, don’t look down, don’t look from side to side, don’t check what other people are doing, march forward with a determination that astounds even you!

On the other side of the wall, is your future. Your goals. Whatever it is you have decided that’s there. Now, isn’t ANY obstacle, no matter how huge, worth navigating in pursuit of your goals? This isn’t the point where you give up or give in, this is the point where you persevere! This is the point that you do what most won’t, you WILL conquer the obstacle. Nothing is permanent and noting is unconquerable, if you just have the WILL to succeed, and you take action; not just one action, consistence action day in, day out, FOR AS LONG AS IT TAKES.

If you aren’t in charge of your circumstances then you have to admit, acknowledge, and UNDERSTAND that you and you alone are were you are right now because of the choices you have made. If you aren’t in charge of your circumstances then you have given up control of your life to someone else, or something else. NO ONE or NOTHING should have control of you and if that’s the case you are in serious trouble.

But the truth is that really you are, and always have been, in charge of your life and free to make your own decisions and choices.

So now CHOOSE to stand up for what you want. Choose to go under, over, around or THROUGH that wall and decide that you won’t let ANYTHING get in your way. You have every right to pursue your goals. You might not have wanted the wall to appear, but you can absolutely decide how you will let it’s appearance affect you. It’s your RIGHT to go and get your goals and tell that wall that you WON’T be giving up and giving in and that YOU are in charge of your life and YOU are in control, not the wall!


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