Wouldn’t you rather DIE for your dreams than be a sheep?!

Wouldn't you rather DIE for your dreams than be a sheep?!

You can not tip toe lightly through life, or entrepreneurship. Well, you can, but if you take timid actions, you’ll get timid results. And if you want timid results, then what are you doing here?

This has been on my mind for a few days now; taking risks.  Honestly, if you aren’t prepared to take a few risks, you should really question whether a life of entrepreneurship is for you. You’ll end up feeling stuck and frustrated with your progress otherwise.

Also, and probably what’s really at crux of this blog post, and it’s something I’ve asked once recently, is…

Wouldn’t you rather DIE for your dreams than be a sheep?!

Stop playing it safe and get out there and DO the things that you say you want to do.

Take some risks. Every flipping day!

Do you want to look back and think “WOW, Thank God I led a risk-free life“.

Oh, that’s easy for you to say, Karen. What risks have YOU taken?!

Ok, I’ll tell you a few…

  • I left a job of 10 years with NO plan or no safety net.
  • I left the next job all of a sudden with NO plan or safety net.
  • I left the next job all of a sudden with NO PLAN OR SAFETY NET.

And bear in mind that I am single and apart from a brief stint of 8 months when I lived with someone, I’ve lived by myself and supported myself.

  • I’ve faced not being able to pay my mortgage and SERIOUSLY wondered if I would have to LIVE IN MY CAR. As long as I have my latptop and wifi!
  • I’ve faced times when the income wasn’t FLOWING in but the RED BILLS were!

There have been times when I wondered if I was crazy to risk so much ‘safety’ for my dreams and for FREEDOM. I’ve seriously doubted my sanity at times! When the world goes one way and you go the other way, it’s easy to do.

But do you know what, if it came to it I WOULD DIE FOR MY DREAMS. I’m not here to be the puppet of some boss and to play by the normal rules of  ‘Standard Life’. NO Way!! 

I’m willing to risk it all; everything I have in order to live a life of FREEDOM and live a life on my terms doing what I love – and that’s helping others to do the same.

Even in the darkest times over the years of my entrepreneurial journey I knew deep down I would never give in or give up. The amount of stress I’ve withstood during those times has been incredible when I look back, but it goes to show that I’m made of tough stuff and I have what it takes. I want that for you too.

I’m reminded of the time I woke up in Budapest and made this video after a dream I had. And the promise I made to myself when I thought I was on the downward slope of losing my home. I WILL NOT GIVE UP AND I WILL NOT GIVE IN.


Risks. I’ll take ’em.

If I didn’t I wouldn’t be here now. I’d be stuck in an office somewhere with my soul being sucked out of me. That’s my idea of HELL ON EARTH and I’ll do anything to avoid that. S0, to answer my own questions, yes, I would rather die than to be a sheep. Would you?

My level of risk may be different to yours. It’s quite likely. I only know less than a handful of people willing to RISK IT ALL for their dreams, passion, purpose and FREEDOM.

If you want my help to live life on your terms and you are willing to go full out with my help, then get in touch and let’s talk! karenstrunks@gmail.com

Believe more is possible.

Karen xx


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