The Big Daring Money Challenge Is Here!

The Big Daring Money Challenge Is Here!

The Big Daring Money Challenge!

Join The Big Daring Money Challenge over 14 days and let’s give your business a cash injection! You and me are going to work together closely; from idea generation, to launching, marketing, and making sales. I will show you how to make money on your terms in a way that feels so much fun you can’t believe you are getting paid to do it!

You will have me by your side during this 14 day challenge; I’ll be there every single day to support you, help you, light a fire under you, get your money hustle on WITH UNLIMITED support via skype, email, and facebook. Whatever you need right now to get you moving forward and making money!

This means that there will be

  • daily check-ins
  • huge no-excuse action taking
  • super accountability every step of the way!

You are ambitious, you want your vision for your life to be a reality so much it hurts, you will do what it takes.

Not only that but you will do what it takes again

and again

and again.

You LOVE the feeling of making your own money, and now you are ready to step things up!

You want to make money, you want it NOW and you want to create a life of FREEDOM.

You know that money won’t just come your way of it’s own accord and you are willing to take the action needed every day to move you and money closer together. Every day you will be taking action to make this happen.

I will be there, in your business with you. I will push you, motivate you, help you get out of your comfort zone, get rid of fear, and help you to grow your business and your income. It doesn’t matter where you are right now, what matters is the action you are going to take.

As well as having me by your side, every step of the way, this 14 day challenge will be injected with a shot of super-charged money making training!

  • How I launch my products in 14 days
  • Your online business must haves
  • How to create your money funnel
  • What it takes to explode your business
  • How to make selling feel natural
  • How to stand out and make your mark online
  • How to train your mind for financial success
  • How to create the life you want around making the money that you want

Here’s the deal.

We start on 1st July and you can join for $449. There are ONLY THREE places left.

Note: my 1:1 sessions are $99 for 45 minutes so I don’t need to tell you the HOW MUCH FREAKING INCREDIBLE VALUE THIS IS!

Are you ready take action, build your business and go all out in making money and creating FREEDOM?

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About Me:

karen strunks 01From a member of the rat race to breaking FREE to follow my dreams. Now I’m a business and life coach leading non-conformists and rebels and helping them stick two fingers up at the rules to create their businesses and lives their way. I got out of the 9-5 after 16 years. It destroyed my soul and made me depressed. REALLY depressed. I knew there HAD TO BE ANOTHER WAY TO LIVE MY LIFE. I made my escape from the rat race and I refuse to march to the tune of someone else’s drum ever again. I’ve got 9 years experience in running my own businesses, and I’ve helped 1000’s of people with their business and life success. I am pretty no-nonsense and get straight to the point, but I do so with energy and humour. We haven’t got time to waste, right?! x

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