This is my mission. What’s yours?

This is my mission. What's yours?

What’s your mission?!

The chances are that you haven’t just been plonked into this world just to survive it and try get out of the other side alive!

My mission is so important to me, and if I’m honest, I believe it’s important to the world. I want to empower as many people as possible; You CAN do what you want, have what you want, do the work that you want and live a No Compromise life, on your terms. That’s not just some feel-good fluff. I absolutely mean it!

So many go through life compromising on our dreams and goals and ambitions. We do stuff we don’t want to do. We spend time with people we don’t like. It’s time to CUT THE CRAP out of your lives and SURROUND yourself with empowering thoughts, empowering people, and taking empowering action, ever day.

I see people walk around, unhappy with their lives, moaning about the compromises they’ve CHOSEN to make, and swapping HUGE parts of their lives for being exhausted and unhappy. I know I can’t help everyone. I don’t want to. But I DO want to help those that have ambitions, that have dreams and goals so big they scare them, and who don’t want to live a life of compromise or frustration any more!

If you are reading this and you don’t agree that you can have the life you want, do what you love, make money on your terms, have the right people in your life, aren’t willing to take action and would rather sit on the fence than CHOSE to have the life you want, then I’m going to ask you to leave. I’m not for you. We shall say goodbye and I wish you well.

If you are still here and want to hang around with me. Good. Truly I only want the RIGHT people for me, the work that I do and in the life I live. I’d sooner have ONE person stand up for themselves, their RIGHT to live life how they want and who BELIEVE that it’s possible than 1000 just standing on the sidelines, mulling it all over and choosing the OPPOSITE of what they say they want. This has popped up in 2 books I’ve read this week and I’ve seen it mentioned on the great oracle that is Facebook (ha), but I totally agree. If you are NOT taking action on the things you say you want, no matter what excuses you give yourself, then you don’t want it bad enough. I want the people who want it bad enough and who are willing to do out and empower themselves (with my help if that’s what they want) and TAKE IT.

Check out the video. I talk about walking out of my last 9-5 job without a plan. I didn’t know what the next 9 days would bring, let alone the following years and everything that I would go through, and because I know what it takes to get there, I’m in a position to help other people do the same. If you want my help; just ask. xx


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karen strunksABOUT Karen Strunks is a speaker and author and helps daring, rebellious, non-conforming women create a No Compromise life and business doing exactly what they love.

She left her ‘cubicle cage’ and made a break for freedom to follow her passions; to today, empowering women to step away from the norm, break the rules and follow their passions.

Her work has been featured in print, TV and radio such as The Guardian, BBC, Radio 4, Time Out NYC, The Telegraph, BBC Radio Wales, and she has worked with national and international brands.

Karen regularly speaks at conferences and lectures at universities on entrepreneurship, and about her story of leaving the 9-5 to pursue a life less ordinary. Come and join Karen's FREE community on Facebook; Rebel Business Bitches and pick up a FREE gift to help you create the life you want. YOUR way. Website | Twitter | Youtube | Facebook

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