Fear is a coward

Fear is a coward

Let me tell you what I know about  fear.

He’s a COWARD!

Yep. Remember that the next time fear pops up in your life.

When you stand up to fear, he runs a mile. 

When you TAKE ACTION, he disappears. 

If you get help when fear attacks, he just can’t cope! 

Fear is WEAK.

It doesn’t take much to over-power him.

When I think of all the time I’ve wasted feeling fear…

Fear of not fitting in at work. It was like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. I was surround by mainly small thinkers and miserable people who were petty and happy to settle for normal. I spent years trying to fit in and feeling fear that I wouldn’t. It was just never meant for me.

I stopped trying to fit and forged my own path.

Fear when I was so depressed that I scared myself. I just didn’t want to be here when I was in the depths of depression; pills and sharp blades kinda started looking attractive. 

I took action and created a life that I loved and that didn’t make me depressed.

Fear when I had no money and would lie awake gripped with panic about my future and wondering how I had let this happen to me; a smart, intelligent woman. I questioned the literal price of pursuing my dream  and wondered if it was worth it?

I stayed the course. I went through the trial. Even through the tears and the fear I had to BELIEVE that this time would pass. It was a long stand-off with fear. I won.

Fear that I was going to fall onto some rocks  and die during a Royal Navy training day whilst climbing on some ropes with no harness.

I focused my mind and body and took one small step after the other back to safety.

Fear when I wrote THAT blog post about my past. Which was actually scarier than any of the above! Would my life fall apart?

I hit publish in the face of fear and I’m thriving because of it.

Whatever you are going through DO NOT CONSULT FEAR. Don’t let fear take away permission for anything that you want in life or business. ONLY consult yourself. 



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