The Super Success Set – Starts 25th August!

The Super Success Set - Starts 25th August!


Double, triple (or even 10x!) your online success and start getting the results you want, NOW! Join The Super Success Set and work with personally with me over 14 days to get the success you want in your business so you get to be completely YOU, have fun, make money and do MORE in LESS TIME without having to learn any new business rules, social media or marketing rules. 

Get the life you want whilst doing what you love. 

Join The Success Set and let’s get to work!

This is 14 days wealth creation, product launching and business growing with me right by your side every step of the way!

Do you want FREEDOM in your business and life? Let’s go and GET it! It ain’t gonna happy if you are tip-toeing around the edges too scared to dive in!

The Success Set give you… wait for it…. SUPER accountability with me. You are going to have me on speed-dial in your business. Literally.

It’s time to take the breaks off your success. No more planning. No more excuses. This is it. It’s time to rock it OUT!

We are going to unstick all your ‘I’m stuck’s and release the GENIUS in you who is here to make one HELL of a difference in the world – whilst having fun, with awesome clients, having FREE TIME, making money and basically doing what you please and what you are here to do. 

Every day there will be personal accountability with yours truly. If having me all up in your bizniz, helping you, supporting you and aiming for SUCCESS is to much to handle? Step away from this page now.

Every day there will be Deliberate Wealth Creating Action Activities.

double income each month

We (well, YOU!) will learn how to launch hard, fast and NOW. We are going to get your products LAUNCHED during our 14 days together and bringing in money. NO EXCUSES.

You will be operating on a HIGHER-LEVEL & tuning into what you really want. You CAN do what you want. No limits. No compromise. 

Money and FREEDOM are great measures of success and they are happiness triggers. That’s what we are going to concentrate on in The Super Success Set.

This is about FAST business building & we are going to kick-up the DUST and make SUPER growth your NEW NORMAL!

But Karen, I NEED A PLAN!


I’ve ditched the plans.

I do what I want.

With who I want.

When I want.

What’s happened?!

More clients. More people to help. More freedom. More money. More happiness!

I want that for you. It IS totally possible. If you commit to doing what it takes. It’s time to get off the sidelines and INTO ACTION!

You get what you give your attention to and we are going to concentrate on your success!

We are going to do the work to fix your personal economy and I’m going to show you how I press my Money Now Trigger every day.

There will be NO MORE financial self-sabotage from this point onwards. There will be NO MORE financial rejection activities.

You will be taking action, getting accountability and getting results.

Why me?! I’ve been running online businesses for 9 years. I know what works and what doesn’t. How The Super Success Set will happen

Every day you receive the details of your 14 day launch process. I’ll be sharing what to do and when to do it from my LAUNCH-HARD, LAUNCH FAST personal launch process. All you have to do is open the email and take the action that day and if you get stuck on the launch process then you can give me a call on skype at anytime (I’m at my pc and not asleep or out!).

Every day I’ll be sharing my daily money making activities.

PLUS there will be DAILY accountability where you tell me what you have been doing each day and it’s a good time to ask for feedback or advice.

Ready to join The Super Success Set?

Yes, Karen! I want to be in The Success