NEW! Red Hot Actions Day! 22nd & 29th Aug. London, Manchester or B’ham!

NEW! Red Hot Actions Day! 22nd & 29th Aug. London, Manchester or B'ham!

red hot action day london, manchester, birmingha

Are you done with holding back and not going full out to create the life you want, doing the work you love and making the money you deserve?

Then Join me for a day of Red Hot Action and let’s build the online business that you want, on your terms and making the money that you want! 

We will be mapping out your personalised plan where you…

  • Get to work with your IDEAL clients only

  • Get to do ONLY the work you love. No compromise

  • Know what services you are going to offer and how to package, price and sell them

  • Know your figures inside out and what you need to do to meet your financial goals!

It’s me and you together, creating your PERSONAL plan to business success!

One day like this can save you MONTHS (or even YEARS!) of trying to figure everything out on your own! 

Join me for a day of Red Hot Action 29th August

The city of your choice; London, Birmingham, or Manchester

10am – 4pm

Venue: 5* luxury hotel

Price: £1200

This is a full day, a full-on day, a day where you shed resistance, drop excuses and set the standard for how you will continue. It will involve taking Big Steps and Big Action right there and then on the day.

You had better hold on tight as we are going to get things moving, FAST!

We are going to re-write your rule book. You will STOP settling for what your comfort zone, or fear, will allow you to have. You WILL have your life, your work, YOUR WAY!

Join me for a day of inspiration and the straight talking lowdown on what it takes to finally stop holding back and START living full out, doing what you love and making the money that you want. If I can do it, you can too. I’ll show you how.

I’ll be sharing my personal highs, the lows, and everything in between from my 9 years in business. Nine years of working on my dreams, my goals, following my passions and a life of freedom, on my terms. From zero in the bank to $8k days, facing my fears, the failures, staying on track, and staying positive! And definitely never, ever giving up. Right now, I’m DOUBLING my income each and every month. And more!

income doubling each month

Red HOT ACTION Days are about mindset, motivation and aligned ACTION!

This really is action taking on steroids!

  • YES! We will get clear on what you are working on how you know you are on absolutely the right track!

  • YES! I’ll be sharing my personal strategies for super fast action taking!

  • YES! You will be taking fearless, fast action during the day!

  • YES! We will plot your personal money funnel

  • YES! We will be creating momentum and injecting fresh energy and ideas into your business, work and life plans!

  • YES! You will walk away your personal action plan to raise you, your life, your business and your finances to NEW HEIGHTS!

I can’t wait to personally support your goals and the huge action steps you take on your way to living your life your way, doing what you love, on YOUR TERMS!

Book here and then let me know which date and city you would like. If you have any questions or would like a 2 part payment plan, just drop me an email and we can have a chat!

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