Be like a witch and get what you want

Be like a witch and get what you want

If you haven’t already gathered, I’m in Glastonbury at the moment. In fact, I’m leaving here today and I’m actually quite sad about it.

Glastonbury is home to many different religions and spiritual traditions (and they all rub along just fine here!), and as with anywhere, you can’t help being affected (positively or negatively) by your environment. Arriving in Glastonbury was perfect timing for me and exactly what I needed, and I’m actually very sad to be leaving today. So sad, I’ve actually got tears in my eyes about it and I can’t remember the last time I felt sad to leave a place.

Be like a witch and get what you want

I joked the other day that I am like a Witch! Witches cast spells to get what they want. I set my intentions to get what I want. But really, that’s the truth of it.

Do you know the power of intention setting to achieve your goals?

If you aren’t using the power of intention then you are missing out!

You don’t need any special equipment to do it (no eyes of newt or hair of frog), just your mind, and something to write on/with.

Rather than just wishing, or thinking, ‘Wouldn’t it be nice if THAT happened’ and then moving on, intention setting take a bit more concentration, but it’s fast and easy to do.

It’s more than just wishing, it’s the FIRST STEP in creating your goals and bringing them to life.

When I set my intentions, of course, they start with an idea and thought.

I then start to imagine what it will be like when I am already in that place were my intention has come to life; what will I be doing, who will be around me, what does life look like, how do I FEEL. I imagine all the details. Call it day dreaming. Call it visualisation. I can lose myself in the visualisation and tune out my immediate environment.

Visualising what it is you want in such detail, as if it’s already happened and you have the outcome you desire, is something that works. Sports starts are well known for using this method to create their success. In fact, take a look at this study as just one example of the power of visualisation on basketball players.

But visualisation isn’t just for sports people, it’s works for US too.

When you write down your intentions you increase the chances of your success hugely; studies have shown this time and time again. It’s like you are getting your intention out of your mind and into the world by putting pen to paper, or fingertips to keyboard. Some people advocate writing with a pen as it embeds the goals more firmly.

How often should you do this? There are no rules, but where you attention goes your actions follow. Keep your goals at the forefront of your mind but when you have visualised and written your intentions, move on and get on with your day. I do advocate you do this first thing in the morning (and you can set smaller intentions about how you want your morning, or day to go too of course!) before you get caught up in being ‘busy’.

You see, it’s really easy to cast a spell and be a Witch or Wizard! Try it and bring the magic that you want to happen to life!

And if you are ready to go all in with making your dreams and ambition happen and you want to be at the top of your game, then get on this asap!
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Believe more is possible.

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