This is how we spend our lives!

This is how we spend our lives!

I thought it would fun to look back at all the jobs I’ve ever done and make a video about it. So I have. Watch it below.

From selling snack and sweets, to joining the Royal Navy, to doing worked that sucked the life out of me, to becoming a dominatrix, to what I do today; It’s ALL in there. 18 jobs in total! One of which I turned up drunk to do the interview….and I got the job haha.

But more than it being ‘just’ a fun thing to do, the most IMPORTANT thing to note out of all this, and of course from your work history and what you are doing now is THIS IS HOW WE SPEND OUR LIVES.

You don’t need me to tell you that you had better make sure you are doing something you LOVE. I’ll NEVER look back and say ‘I wish I spent more time doing boring office work that drained my heart and soul’. By FAR the best jobs I’ve had are the ones that I have created myself. I’m the boss!



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