Why your goals ain’t gonna happen

Why your goals ain't gonna happen

I’m sick of seeing people give up on their goals before they’ve even tried. I want to SHAKE people. Really.

‘I’ve tried’, they say.


Here’s why your goals ain’t gonna happen.

Not taking action?

Ain’t gonna happen.

Haven’t made up your mind that you are going to succeed?

Ain’t gonna happen.

Delayed putting together a product or service to sell?

Ain’t gonna happen.

Not marketing your product or service?

Ain’t gonna happen.

Spending more time watching TV than you do on your self development?

Ain’t gonna happen.

Actions dictated by fears and worries about what other people think?

It ain’t gonna happen!

Taking time off because, well, you don’t feel like it today?

Ain’t gonna happen.

Talking yourself out of doing something because it’s got ‘hard work’ written on it?

Ain’t gonna happen. 

Not exhausting every opportunity and then finding MORE opportunities to exhaust?

Ain’t gonna happen.

Don’t have a real, burning desire to make your goals a reality?

Ain’t gonna happen.

Blood and veins not filled with determination and perseverance?


Think I’m being a bit harsh? (You haven’t heard the half of it!).

No, I’m passionate.

I’m sick of seeing people waste their potential and hold themselves back.

I get angry when I see people settle and get comfortable and accept ‘normal’ when deep down they want something MORE.

Are you ready for MORE?

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