Stop wasting time in Pretty & Perfect land

Stop wasting time in Pretty & Perfect land

A quick one today, for anyone who is stuck in pretty & perfect (and let’s not forget ‘professional’) land where you are going round in circles Getting Things Right.

It was with the launch of my 2 Red Hot Action Days this month that I realised I had created the same sales page 3 times now.

I want to share this with you because I remember when I created the first sales page, and a video to go with it, when I was in Budapest last October. I literally threw the page together and made a quick video and it went from Idea to Out There in an hour.

Was it perfect? No. It probably broke all the rules of launching an event online and how it all should LOOK. 

Was it ‘professional’ (whatever that is!)? No. It’s not polished. My video is poor quality. Did I care? No.

But did it sell? YES. 

Then I did launched another Red Hot Action Day in July this year (they are as rare as hen’s teeth haha). I basically copied the first sales page. That was it.

Did it sell? YES.

And now I’ve just announced two more Red Hot Actions Days with me this month. This time I used the same sales page and I added a bit to it and stuck in a couple of graphics and added some colour to the font.

Is it looking a bit more professional? I think so. BUT that wasn’t the aim. I just did what I FELT LIKE DOING with it. I enjoy faffing about with colours and things when I have the time/inclination (but I don’t spend a lot of time on them. I don’t allow myself hours to find or create the ‘perfect’ image) BUT NOT AT THE EXPENSE of getting things OUT THERE FAST and going with the creative inspiration when it strikes.

That’s the beauty of running an online business on YOUR TERMS (or any business!), is that you get to do what you want, when you want, there is not RIGHT or WRONG, or UN-professional. You get to show up, every day, be you, act on inspiration and NOT get slowed down with faffing about and making things pretty and perfect and running your business in the slow lane.

Guess what? Fast, inspired action taking helps me to build my business fast. 

Click on any of the images to go to the web page if you want a closer look, and if you would like to nab one of Red Hot Action Days I have coming up on the 22nd or 29th August (pick either London, Manchester or Bham), and you want my help in building the business that you want, on your terms, doing what you want and making the money that you deserve, then book your day and let’s get your business build on YOUR term, FAST. 

Version 1

hot action berlin

Version 2

red hot action london

Version 3

red hot action multi city august


So, if you are stuck in Pretty & Perfect Land, get out of there now and get your stuff out there!


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