Choose Prosperity NOW!

Choose Prosperity NOW!

How to choose prosperity now?

By taking control of your money mindset and philosophies.

Rise up and the world rises to meet you; that goes for raising your money mindset too.

You want more money but have you conditioned your mind for wealth yet?

You have to feel PROSPEROUS NOW before you have the money you want.  It’s THOUGHTS, feelings and beliefs that come BEFORE the HAVING.


So, how do you feel prosperous now? Take a look around you. 

  • Do you not have a roof over your head?
  • Do you not have internet and phone connection?
  • Do you not have food in your fridge?
  • Do you not have FREE access to anything you want to learn right now; books, libraries, free courses online, you can educate yourself in any area.
  • Do you not have a bed to sleep in tonight?


It’s ok to want more and to HAVE more…

We wouldn’t deny ourselves the right to have good quality friendships.
Or higher quality food.
Or the best knowledge.
So why WOULDN’T WE chose to have more quality when it comes to money!

What differentiates those who have prosperity to those that don’t is the MINDSET. It’s the thoughts and decisions we make every single day.

It’s the way we talk to ourselves about wealth and money. Your inner dialogue? Does it support you and what you want or tear you down? If it’s the latter then you MUST work on that and correct that voice every time it says something negative that doesn’t raise you UP!

It doesn’t matter where you start out or what your level of resources are, it’s what we do NOW and choose now, that matters.

The excuses we carry forward from the past will just keep us there. in the past. Your financial circumstances will not change until your beliefs change!

Money making tip. When you have decided how much money you WANT, the next step is to BELIEVE your are WORTH that amount of money. Money likes confidence. And action of course. Money love action too.

Remember, you get what you focus on so make sure you choose to focus on prosperity! 

If you go into your wealth building with a vague plan, expect to get vague results!

Get crystal clear on what you want. It helps a LOT!

If you have wish-washy, half-thought-out plans, THAT’S the results you get. If any.

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