I started going to the gym on 26th December. Strength training. I’ve been going every other day since then and I’ve started to work with a personal trainer to help me get further faster. Janet. She’s hardcore! She’s the only person who gets away with shouting at me.

‘Get out of your comfort zone, Karen!!’, she shouts.


It’s strange hearing them come back at me.

I’m seeing and feeling the difference already and I’m also seeing a lot of similarities between strength training and business and following our life’s work and passions.

When I’m pushing, pulling, and lifting challenging weights right there in those moments that’s all my thinking about. Nothing and no-one else exists. It’s just me and the goal that I want to achieve. And when I’ve hit that goal, I’m onto the next one. Then THAT’S the only thing that I have on my mind and the rest of the world fades away.


And that goes for all our goals in business, making money, following our passions. Nothing else exists when you are all in. You get lost in your passions and your drive.

You are in the ZONE!! That’s a heavenly place for us creatives to be! My phone is OFF. Knocks on the door will get ignored. I will allow nothing or no-one to get me out of the zone. It’s such a special place. It’s what happens when we spend our time immersed in what we love and when we come up for air we are BREATHLESS because we have been ALL IN.

It doesn’t matter what you are doing later, or who you are going to allow to take your time and attention. It’s right here and it’s right now.

Please tell me you aren’t coasting through the days. If that’s you, and you are happy to stay in your comfort zone and just let life happen TO you, then it’s best we part ways because that energy does nothing for me.

What matters with anything that you want to achieve is the amount of effort you put into something. Be all in and put in so much effort that you are breathless by the end of each day!

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