Go all in and do not submit

Go all in and do not submit

If you are going to create the life you want, doing what you love, making money on your terms, then you’ve got to be ALL IN.


Or don’t even bother.

Yes, you will be tested again and again about how much you want it.

Along your journey you will cast off people and things that don’t support you.

You might even doubt your sanity at times, but go all in regardless.

It might mean that the people you love don’t understand you or support you, but never surrender.

It might feel like the loneliest journey in the world at times, but don’t give in.

Perhaps you will have to risk it all to create a life that isn’t accepted at the ‘norm’, but do not submit.

Grab the reigns of life and ride it all the way. You ARE the mistress or master of your fate.

There is only ONE THING that will beat you into submission in this life and that is DEATH.

In the meantime follow your light, your calling, your passions without compromise.

If you want to go all the way with me by your side then let’s talk. Have I gone all in? Yep. Can I help and support YOU going all in? Definitely. If you want to get further, faster, get help from someone who has walked the path that you are on, and reach out to me today and let’s talk. karenstrunks@gmail.com

Believe more is possible.

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Laptop life! 

Laptop life has brought me to Glastonbury. Or rather, I decided to come here! And I’m so glad I made this decision. There’s something I really like about this place. It’s atmosphere and energy. It’s quaintness and eccentricity. It’s enlightenment and consciousness. It’s beauty and history.

Go all in and do not submit

For the most part I don’t like the ‘norm’. I don’t like the cut of society and it’s set-up on the whole and this place is full of people who are walking different paths. It’s a good reminder that there is more than one, ‘traditional’ path to life and how it’s meant to be lived.

I’ve certainly gotten over my energy slouch that I have been in for the last couple of week and I feel very much at home here.

Go all in and do not submit

Though I’m just a little bit sad because it’s my last full day here today and I’m not ready to leave, but I’m heading further south for a while. The laptop life continues, but Glastonbury, I shall be back!

Karen x

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