The daily action for success

The daily action for success

Being in business, making money from my passions, and helping 1000s of people over the years certainly gives me a chance to reflect! And there’s a LOT to reflect on, that’s for sure.

I want to share a few things with you today.

First up, it’s NOT about strategies, ‘business in a box’, following the rules, or blueprints – believe me, I DID fall into that trap myself for a few months. It’s not about the HOW. It’s about the BEING and DOING! It’s about following your intuition, your instincts and your passions.

Talking of which…

Who says you have to choose ONE thing, or a NICHE, and stick to it? Not me!

I’ve no idea how I came across this yesterday, but here’s a blog I started in 2010; Skills Talent Passions.

The daily action for success

It’s funny, as I was talking about negativity 6 years ago, just like I do today. And following your passions, and being positive. What is it that YOU can’t stop thinking or talking about?!

I couldn’t tell you how many 1000s of people I’ve worked with, trained and whose lives I have changed over years.

The main thing is, and a KEY to my success, the incredible freedom I have, the great money I make, and the lives I still get to affect and change today….. CONSISTENCY!

In my years in business, I’d estimate there’s been 10 DAYS (or really, probably less! I’m being generous here, it’s truly likely ZERO) where I haven’t given attention to my passion, my mission, my desire to create my dream life and to affect other people’s lives.

I’ve taken ACTION every single day (yes, even when in hospital. yes, even throughout the death of my dad and whatever ‘crap’ that I’ve gone through during those years!).

Want longevity? Take action every day.
Want freedom? Take action every day.
Want money? Take action every day.

No excuse. No compromise. You can do it IF you make up your mind and IF you are on the right path! Good luck taking action if you aren’t following your passions!

When I tired of photography, I walked away.
When I felt constrained by teaching social media & online marketing, I dropped it.

I don’t spend my time and energy flogging a dead horse.

Give your attention to your passions. Daily. CONSISTENTLY. And watch your dreams come to life. Never, ever give up, or give in!

Laptop Life Update! 

Cheltenham is being good to me. It’s a really nice town and it feels affluent here – and we all know how much your surroundings can affect your success!

The house I’m staying in is nice, but there’s something missing…. a great view. After staying in so many properties since February, most have had amazing views and I’ve realised how important that is to me. My mind feels more expanded the bigger the view is really! Luckily the next 3 places I’ve got lined up have some big views! And actually, they are much bigger properties – and I like a lot of space around me too! It all adds to the FREEDOM that I love so much!

The daily action for success

If you’ve been following me on snapchat, (I’m addicted!), you’ll have seen I actually went out with a group of strangers last night! I saw a Meet Up event for coaches in a local pub, so I went along as I thought…

1. It would be good to be social OFFLINE for a change!

2. It would be good to meet people who were also doing something similar and who were into personal development, and positivity!

It was a really good night. I must remember to look out for meet-ups as I travel around. I’m pretty much content with my own company luckily or living this lifestyle away from friends at home would be incredibly hard. I’m very independent but it was fun to meet new peeps!
so be sure to come on over to Snapchat. I’m karenstrunks on there!

The daily action for success

Believe more is possible!

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