Money = Freedom? Join me for the debate! London 15th October

Money = Freedom? Join me for the debate! London 15th October

Does money = freedom?

Does money trap you, or free you?

Is having too much money a bad thing?

Is there freedom in poverty?

Join me on Saturday 15th October (my birthday btw!) in LONDON for the big debate.

Let’s All Be Free is a film festival that explores what it means to be free and encourages people all over the world to seek out lives of freedom – and you KNOW I’m all over THAT!

The debate begins at 3pm with an hour of short films about being free, followed by the debate until 5pm.

Joining me on the debate panel…

Professor Jonathan Wolff, UCL
Simon Evans, Comedian
Dr James Wilson, UCL

Does wealth TRAP you, or FREE you?!

I’ve certainly got an opinion on that, so come and join me for this lively debate on the 15th October!

Tickets are only £8.55 which you can buy here.

Let me know if you are coming!!

Believe more (money and freedom) is possible!

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PS. Talking of MONEY! THIS is happening!

IF YOU are a woman on a mission who dreams of living a fully independent life & you have big financial goals and you take lots of action but you aren’t quite where you want to be in your relationship with MONEY, then get ready to change your relationship with money forever! 

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