The Power Of Writing Your Reality

The Power Of Writing Your Reality

I don’t think I’ve talked much about this ‘secret’ to success too much and as a cornerstone to my success habits, I wanted to talk about the power of writing your success into your reality.

Every morning I take pen to paper and write. It’s a mixture of journalling, intention setting, visualisation, morning pages, and getting my mind focused on the success I want to feel and experience that day.

How you start your day dictates how your day (and life!) goes. You can absolutely set the tone for the day you want have; don’t just roll out of bed and rush into your day and get swept along by thoughts, people and events so that THEY are dictating your day. Pause, reflect and take control.

Tune into my latest video where I talk about how I…

Set my mind in the direction of my goals
Set the compass for my actions
Set my clear intentions about the exact results I want
Work out any problems
Get rid of mind-dross that can hamper results

This is one of the most power success habits you can adopt and if you aren’t making this part of your morning practice, you are slowing down the rate of your success – and why the hell would you want to do that?! 

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PS. THIS is happening!

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