All Or Nothing At All

All Or Nothing At All

There’s something you should know about me, if you haven’t figured it out already.

I’m all or nothing.


I’ve always been this way.

There’s no in-between. No ‘balance’. No ‘middle ground’ (boring!). No compromise.

I like it that way.

Business – Though there really is little distinction between work and life, I refuse to do any work that isn’t aligned with who I am, what I stand for and that isn’t aligned with my mission and my passions. I will turn down work (and money) if it’s coming from the wrong source because I know and trust that by doing that I have the space, time and energy to welcome the perfect work. I choose to do only the work I love and I will not compromise.

Clients (Who are like friends anyway!) – Are all in. They do the work. The are committed to their success. They make things happen and there are no excuses and no compromise on the life that they want. They take full responsibility for themselves. They show up. They keep appointments. They pay on time. There are no half-measures when it comes to their success and they WILL do what it takes & I’ll be there 100% backing them, supporting them and raising them up to their greatness. All in.

Friendships – I expect friends to be either all in, or all out. I don’t want half-assed friendships. I don’t keep associations with people because I haven’t got the courage, or the decency to set them free. I don’t keep people hanging on a string just in case they might be ‘useful’ in some way, some day. I don’t put conditions on friendships other than to accept me for who I am without restriction. Basically, love me, or leave me

Relationships – ALL or nothing. When I fall in love I fall ALL the way in love, and it’s reciprocated. I won’t keep someone in my life out of some sort of fear of being on my own. I am MORE than happy to not be in a relationship and I am not scared of being on my own. I expect the best and I will only accept the best, or it’s nothing at all.

Money – I command my right to make the money I want to make. To talk about money. To empower myself and others on the subject of money. The right people will support me on that mission and want my help. I will not tolerate anyone who has a negative belief around money; that it’s ‘crass’ to talk about making money, or have money or who thinks that in some way wrong to want to MAKE more money. To hell with that!

Freedom – All or nothing. I will NOT give away an inch of my freedom to anything that doesn’t serve me, or raise me up. I’m all in on my freedom. Nothing and no-one can, or ever will, take away my freedom to live each day as I please; to live my WHOLE LIFE as I please.

There’s been a feeling about this year, and the feeling is intensifying as I am about to hit my 45th birthday (45?!?! hahhaa, how did that happen?!). It feels like this is a year for shedding away; people, objects, actions. When you let things go, you make room for growth. To bring in the new, you have to let go of things and make room. There isn’t anything I fear losing because I know that only good can come from it. The storms I have weathered over the years (don’t get me wrong, there have been many, many incredible times too!), have given me the proof of that time and time again. A storm is a sign that something better is on it’s way. Always.

This particular birthday (15th Oct in case you are wondering!) feels kind of like a re-birth. It’s like Life Part 2 – where I take all the knowledge and experience I have gained and I get to apply it to the next stage of my life – wiser, stronger and dare I say it (yes, I dare) even more magnificent. The next stage is going to be even MORE awesome. I can’t wait to see what it brings and what I create, and you can guarantee I’ll be doing it my way, with no apology; stepping into my personal power at an even higher level. All IN!

I encourage YOU to go ALL IN. If you aren’t all in, you are out anyway. Only commit to the things that light you up. Forget ‘being realistic’, that’s what other people do.

Go all in and don’t be afraid to walk away from what doesn’t serve you. You can’t have the life of your dreams if you are holding onto anything that isn’t serving you and raising you UP!

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Go ALL IN and rise up to your greatness!

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