In the end there’s only you

In the end there's only you

It’s so easy to have instant access to inspiration. We can read every book we’ve ever wanted to, downloaded in seconds to our phone. We can read and listen to every word of every great leader. We can watch the lessons and take in the wisdom of those who motivate us.

Personally, I spend about 2-4 hours a day (sometimes more) reading, watching, listening; soaking up every drop; expanding my mind, ideas triggering, a-ha moments and trying to understand theories about life, the universe and everything!

This morning I’m spending an hour reading about writing; I’ve got it into my head that my writing is too pragmatic and not descriptive enough, and then I’m going to spend an hour writing and it’ll come out however it comes out, despite my doubts about my writing. Practice beats theory every time

We can easily get our inspiration fix. We can have a shot of motivation to our brain. We can feed our mind with the knowledge that we want, or that we THINK we want and need.

However, no matter the searching, no matter how much extra knowledge, no matter how much wisdom, no matter how much theory….in the end there’s only you and the work you are here to do.

Beware when you are immersing yourself in all of the above and using it as a distraction technique from DOING THE WORK.

You can have All The Knowledge. You can know all the theory. You can surround yourself with people on the same mission as you.You can be high on motivation, but none of that will matter as much as YOU TAKING ACTION.

That’s all there will always be. You, alone, taking the action. No-one else will do it for you. It’s a game of mental toughness over that inner voice that tells us we don’t know enough yet, or we are just playing at this, or what will people think!

No matter what negative voice goes on inside our heads, remember, 10 minutes action taking is worth a week of THINKING, or planning, or simply waiting for the right time.

Action taking towards your dreams and goals and ambition is the no-brainer way to GET what you want or to get where you want to be!

Plus, you had better make sure it’s Action Taking whether you FEEL like it or not. Even if you are not in the right mindset, or your conditions aren’t idea, you take action anyway. You take action REGARDLESS of how you are feeling.

Some days will be perfect and some day you will just muddle your way through wondering what the hell you are doing; but even THAT’S better than NOT taking action at all.

Get your inspiration, your knowledge, your motivation. Hang out with the people who are raising you up. Then get down to DOING THE WORK.

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