MORE Reasons To Follow Your Passions!

MORE Reasons To Follow Your Passions!

MORE reasons, if needed, about why you must live your life following your passions…

Here’s what I’ve noticed for myself and others when the decision is made to truly honour ones calling and take action.

There is a chain reaction.

First off – following your passion is reward enough, BUT,there’s more.

Because when you follow your passion what happens is…

You will find yourself in situations that you would NEVER have found yourself in had you not followed your passion.

New opportunities will happen.

Doors you didn’t know existed will open.

AND PASSION WILL LEAD TO PASSION. As you develop yourself, living a life following your passions, there is an evolution. One passion will lead to another passion, naturally. It’s seamless. You might even have a few passions going on at once (to hell with having a NICHE – URGH).

But if you never even make a start, the sad thing is you will never know this, and more importantly live this.

Here’s the ‘trick’ to it – you have to take the leap BEFORE the net appears.

‘Isn’t it risky?’

Yes it is.

Life is a risk.

Better to be risking your life doing what you want than risking it living it any other way.

Believe more is possible,

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