Money: Are you open to receive?

Money: Are you open to receive?

How many ways do you block the things that you actually want?

Like money, for example!

One of the ways I used to sabotage around money was to, without realising it, block it from coming my way. I simply wasn’t fully open to receiving it – even though I really wanted it!

So I want to check that isn’t the same for you!

It could be down to old patterns and beliefs about money…

…money has always been hard to come by and you’ve only been used to working hard for it so you don’t allow it to come easily to you.

…perhaps you practice positive money affirmations consciously, but subconsciously your mind is whirling with thoughts of lack and negative affirmations.

…you don’t feel deserving enough and there could be some guilt attached to receiving money. Do you think that if you have money that someone else has to go without? (It doesn’t work like that)

Our beliefs around money will create a flow or create blocks.

We all have blocks but to elevate beyond that you must examine what you believe they are and then be willing to demolish them, because nothing truly stands in the way of you having anything you want, apart from you.

Money: Are you open to receive?

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Money: Are you open to receive?

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