This Is What Breaks My Heart

This Is What Breaks My Heart

Do you know what makes me want to weep?

It’s when people SETTLE for their excuses instead of the life that they truly want.

It’s when they swap huge parts of their lives in pursuit of OTHER people’s dreams and goals.

It’s when they they DON’T FIGHT for their lives and get swept up along in the flow of the masses.

It’s when they think that success is having the house and the car and not realising true success is being able to tune into the core of their being, their soul, and then LIVING INTO IT. 

It’s when they let society dictate what they can do or be when it’s their heart and soul that will them who they REALLY are.

It’s when they refuse to say NO to the people and things that aren’t raising them up to a higher level.

It’s when they conform to what their friends, family and society expects of them and they never tap into their own POWER to be who they were born to be!

Don’t wait for the pain to get so bad before you make the change.

There IS another way to live; a life of freedom, prosperity and flow.

Is it easy? Not always, but it IS easier than suffering a life that was never yours to live in the first place.

And if I can do it, you can do it too. Give yourself the greatest gift in life.

For my Black Friday Sale this year I’m offering my VIP Days for just £500 (normally £2,500). Initially, I thought I would offer a business-type VIP day and whilst I’m MORE than happy to do that, it doesn’t HAVE to be about business alone…

We can spend the day together focusing on whatever area you like, whether that’s money, marketing, creating a life of freedom, designing your lifestyle, making a plan for freedom, tapping into your soul’s calling and the spiritual side of life. If I can help you, you’ve got it.

We can spend our day together in person, in Birmingham, or online via skype.

I just ask that you don’t wait.

Don’t put your dreams and heart and soul on hold for a minute longer. None of us have the luxury of time to do that.

If you feel in your This Is What Breaks My Heart that I’m the person to help you, and you want to book this day together, then email me, where you can ask any questions and arrange a date. Or you can PM me on Facebook

I’m keeping this opportunity open until midnight this Monday and I don’t have any plans on repeating this offer.

This day can change your life.

Lots of love,

This Is What Breaks My Heart

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