Event: Speaking at the Tree Of Life Festival 20th October 2018 in Birmingham

As some of you may know, I’ve been on quite a spiritual journey over the last 4 years since I had my awakening, especially with a lot of my time being spent in Glastonbury.

For the first time ever I’m sharing the full story at an upcoming event in Birmingham, UK.

Join me on Saturday 20th October at the Tree of Life Festival.

Tickets: https://treeoflifemagazine.co.uk/…/oct-20-tree-life-festiv…/

A spiritual awakening can be an overwhelming experience. I was really scared when it happened to me; I thought I was losing my mind!

Since then, I know that’s what a lot of other people feel as well.

So as well as sharing my journey from the darkness into the light, and what triggered my awakening, I’m also sharing practical advice on ways to cope with the transition.

I’m also going to be teaching what your new-found gifts can mean for your life, your purpose and your journey.

I hope you can join me!



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