What I Know About 2021

What I Know About 2021
What I know about 2021…
I know that life goes on.
I know that you are a spiritual being having a (very interesting!) human experience.
I know that your divine potential is within you and is there to be LIVED THROUGH YOU.
Your potential isn’t just something to think about for mental stimulation. It’s there to be REALISED.
Your potential is more than just theory, it’s there to be made a reality and a certainty.
The truth is, and this breaks my heart, 99.9% of people won’t even attempt to achieve half of what they are capable of.
Most people don’t think about the next month, let alone the next year, and years to come.
No matter what is going on outside of you, your potential within you still needs to be AWAKENED and infused with your life force.
You have a vision, a calling, a purpose.
Decide today, that you will honour your potential and bring it into being in every area of your life; business, money, health, relationships.
Accept no compromise.
It’s all there, waiting for you.
Believe more is possible,
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