2020 Review. The Lessons & The Blessings.

2020 Review. The Lessons & The Blessings.
The lessons & blessings of 2020.
Wow. I went much deeper than I had intended with this years review.
I’ve created chapters so you can dive in whatever takes your fancy! Click here to watch my video on youtube and to access all the chapter https://youtu.be/RU5dZJ50HmM
✅ How the start of my 2020 got derailed
✅ Recovery from a negative experience in a relationship
✅ You are the creator
✅ Dealing with the pandemic & overcoming life’s challenges
✅ Mastering your mind so that you can master anything
✅ Create or be consumed
✅ Understanding other people’s behaviour during the pandemic
✅ The benefits of critical thinking
✅ The power of meditation as a daily practice
✅ My book recommendation
✅ The vision for your life & living in alignment
✅ Your philosophy of life
✅ My travels, Glastonbury & laptop life
✅ Becoming a redhead!
✅ Having a purpose driven life & business
✅ The Best education in the world
✅ Being positive in challenging situation
✅ My focus for 2021
✅ How I feel about becoming 50 this year
✅ Who do YOU want to become this year?
✅ The power of intention
✅ Decide your destiny
Wishing you the best of everything in 2021
2020 Review. The Lessons & The Blessings.❤️

2020 Review. The Lessons & The Blessings.

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2020 Review. The Lessons & The Blessings.

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