The Inner Game Of Making Money

The Inner Game Of Making Money
I want to ask you…
Do you ever feel the sting of anxiety about making money and being financially independent?
Do you experience negative thoughts and emotions, or even fear, when you think about money?
Do you have that inner voice you have that tells you that…

It’s hard to make money

Someone like you can’t make the money you want

You will never have what it takes

You’re not good enough

You don’t know enough


This is your ego speaking and when it knows that you’re waking up and you’re aiming to reach your full potential, it pipes up & tries to keep you safe.


That inner critic is used to telling you what to do. And it’s used to you obeying it too.


When you start to heal your money mindset and you start to move away from your old programming towards financial freedom, it’s going to try and stop you and keep you in your place.

It tries to keep you in the same place.


It tries to cause you fear and anxiety as you move away from it.

It tells you all the reasons why it’s not safe for you to make money.

However, you do NOT have to consent to this inner voice any longer.


You do NOT have to comply with it at all.


That voice is built from old experiences and stories, most of which have been forced upon you by other people one way or another. That voice? It’s no longer relevant. It’s redundant.


When you recognise what’s happening on an inner level, then you can take charge, delete the old stories and programming and begin to create a new reality around money.


If you aren’t sure where to start, start here


Are you ready to say YES to creating more impact and making more money and mastering that inner critic?


In this 80 minute video training you will learn


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✅. How to free yourself of money blocks and limitations and create a NEW paradigm about money

✅. How to rewire your mind so that you have increased confidence about money

✅ How to value your worth around money so that you never have fears around money again


The world needs more purpose driven leaders, making more money and changing the world


Take this training and use it to get results.


Karen ❤


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