Courage & Grief In 2021

Courage & Grief In 2021

The courage to be you in a world that, now more than ever, wants you to conform, to obey, and to be in agreement with whatever narrative is being presented, is vital if you want to live a life that is true to the essence of you. Now, if you are deep in the ideological pool, the following is unlikely to resonate with you.

This is a time when you must have the courage to hold on to the right to be you. You must not conform. There is no salvation in conforming.

Your life is your life, and you must have the courage to live it fully. Go for what you want. Take risks. Be willing to experience discomfort and hurt and then move on from it. If you want something, have the courage to go after it with all your might.

What do you want? What are you doing to make that happen? No one else can do this for you. No one.

And grief…

There’s a lot of general grief happening at the moment; for people lost and also a lost way of life.

Grieving is natural and part of life, but it’s something we try to avoid doing. Just like courage, it’s not spoken of often.

I feel that I am experiencing some grieving for friendships that are shifting and where a separation is occurring right now. This isn’t a new experience for me as I am usually good about letting people go, and moving on, but I feel a bit more sadness about the occurrence than usual.

As I always say, everything is energy and you cannot be so loyal to other people to the degree that they hold you back or have a negative affect on your life; physically, spiritually, emotionally, or psychologically. For the most part, they won’t be doing it deliberately, but it will just be as a consequence of you moving along in your life’s journey.

If you are using this period to continue to grow and in doing so you are setting new standards and boundaries you will find that you are out-growing old friendships.

It’s true that you become the average of the people you surround yourself with; their beliefs, their lifestyle, their happiness, their wealth etc. This is why you must shine the light on the company you keep and ask if it’s for your highest good? Are the relationships you hold raising you up? Are they caring, loving and contributing to you life in a positive way?

This can feel particularly sad when you once held those friendships so close, but if the people in your life aren’t going in the same direction as you, it’s natural and normal that you will go your separate ways.

It may feel lonely for a while whilst you seek out new people. We are in a world that puts comfort first and where people are scared to be alone with themselves. Don’t be afraid to allow yourself to experience some discomfort so that you can grow and develop. It’s all for your benefit.

If you are to be authentic to your true self (not the false self created by your ego), and you want to live an aligned and empowered life, some tough choices will need to made. It’s not selfish to do this.

Remember, this is your life and you can live it your way without compromise.

Believe more is possible,
Karen ❤

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