Don’t let nostalgia for the past keep you from becoming the next version of you!

Don’t let nostalgia for the past keep you from becoming the next version of you!

It’s so easy to get stuck in our old ways; our habits, beliefs, our way of thinking and acting. But now it’s up to us as women who are living in accordance to our calling NOT to get locked into aspects of our past that keep us confined; where we play it small, make decisions based on fear and give our precious life for to what WAS and not what WILL be. 

It’s impossible to walk towards your amazing future if you are looking over your shoulder at the past. 

Where are you allowing yourself to stick to the former? To the past? To the old? 

What, or who, are you allowing to take up space and energy now that should have been left in the past years ago?

Where are you keeping your the past version of you captive even though it NO LONGER SERVES YOU?

We are about to enter the door of a brand new year. If you are feeling stuck in any area of your life and business, money, relationships, health, environment, think about what you need to let go of now. 

2024 can hold incredible opportunities for us women who are called BUT we must not block those opportunities with the old, even in the name of nostalgia. 

A new year is waiting for you!

New opportunities

New people

New experiences 

Never ending paths to expansion

Blessings and abundance 

It’s time to let go and step forwards into the next level version that is waiting for you with your new crown. 

Is 2024 calling you to a bigger, bolder YOU? Stop playing small and unlock your true potential – message me about 1:1 mentoring and build your dream life in the new year. No more settling for just good enough. 

Believe more is possible, 

Karen 👑 🔥 ❤️ 

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