Loss Won’t Break You – The Truth Will Make You Whole

Loss Won't Break You - The Truth Will Make You Whole

To the woman who is called. I have a secret for you: Every Loss You Experience Is A Step Toward Alignment

There comes a time when you, the woman who knows she is meant for more, craves to crack the world open with her truth. Your calling to make an impact, redefine the current norms and shatter what society thinks is ‘acceptable’ becomes so strong that you are profoundly drawn to speaking your truth, no matter what.

Turn up the volume on you truth. Let whatever, or whoever, fall away.

Please don’t let the fear of ‘loss’ hold you back because the truth is that women like us can never truly experience loss because in the beautiful pictures of our lives, even in the darkest of moments, it’s impossible for everything not to be for our greater good and lead us to our true alignment.

Even when friendships fade as they naturally will, or pressures from society appear to loom, or you hear the whisper of self-doubt, women like us don’t fear loss. We know that even in hardship, opportunities for growth and alignment await.

I want to ask you to choose courage over conformity. You aren’t here to fit into any pre-made box of what your life should look like. Your path is your own to blaze, even if it meets the disapproving gaze of others….

“Who does she think she is?’
“She’s just too much!’”
“When is she going to give it a rest?”

🥱 🥱 🥱

Let them watch!

But these people aren’t meant to walk beside you.

And in letting the go, their absence creates a space for your next level connection and friendships to come in, where you have a shared truth.

Remember, your calling is a beacon, and the brighter it shines and the more you stand in your authentic power and truth, the more you will attract opportunities and people who are aligned who will naturally raise you higher and celebrate you.

So please don’t be afraid of loss. The fear of loss is making you hold onto parts of you that are no longer for you. Let your truth be the light not only for yourself but for others too and trust that with every loss comes greater alignment to who you are and what you are here to do.

If you’re ready to turn up the volume on your truth and to ignite your calling, I have two spaces left for private 1:1 work this year. Let’s talk about how I can help you break the chains of doubt, share your message, and claim your rightful place in the world.

To claim your spot in the 1:1 work and unleash your inner truth-bomb, send me a message.

Remember, the truth is on your side. Allow it to be free and to shine!

Believe more is possible,


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