You need more than a website – 6 reasons why you should use social media

You need more than a website - 6 reasons why you should use social mediaImage by Bull3t

The days of have a static one page website are long gone.  Bye bye – Cheerio!

What does a website need these days?

Social media tools to support it.  Your website and blog are the main stars – and all the social media tools are like wing men, making it look great.

What wing men (or ladies) are you going to have to support you and your company?

Take your pick!

Twitter, Facebook, G+, Linkedin, youtube, Pinterest etc

You need to find out where your customers are online. Where are they hanging out?

Then you are going to need content for all these social media mediums; blog posts, twitter updates, facebook updates, maybe videos, photographs, audio…

They all go towards building up a picture of your company, your online profile and your authority in whatever business you are in. It’s a way to get an advantage over a competitor. Personally I would rather make a purchase from a company who is active online over a company that just has a static website (or no website at all!). That’s a selling point for me, and it will be for your customers too.

There isn’t a quick solution to building your online profile, reaching your target audience, doing research etc, connecting and communicating, but there are benefits. Hurrah!

  • It can give you an advantage over a competitor who has no online presence or has very low activity online
  • It gives your company a chance to lead the way in your industry and be an authority in your industry
  • Websites with blogs are a lot more active than website with static content
  • By producing interesting content, your audience will want to share it
  • It will increase customers trust and loyalty if you are responsive to their needs
  • People will be talking about you anyway – now is your chance to get involved in their conversations and you can also act faster to address negative comments about your company
Where to start?! A good place is to look at companies you like and admire. What are they doing? How are they doing it? What inspiration can you take and apply to your company? Make a plan, created a schedule, allocate the time, and start leading the way in your industry?
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