4am Project chapter in Community Lover’s Guide To Birmingham

When Nick Booth from Podnosh asked me if I would write a chapter for a new book about militant optimists in Birmingham I readily agreed. Who are militant optimists? What is the book about?

It’s a book of short stories written by people who run and organise communities in Birmingham and how they are changing relationships in the city.

With the 4am Project in mind and the fact that I’ve made it work for the last 4 years, whether I have had support or not, I was happy to contribute a chapter. I’ve combined my love for social media, community building, events and photography in the 4am Project and it’s an honour to have been asked to write a chapter.

I was in very good company too! These are the other contributors to the Community Lover’s Guide To Birmingham

Last night was the launch of the book, and Podnosh has blogged about it here. 
The Birmingham Mail were very quick to pick up on the news and wrote about it on their site.
“I couldn’t let my lack of experience in launching a global project stand in my way. I dived straight in and learnt what I needed to do very quickly. I had to learn how to maximise my use of social media, work with the press and organise events on a global scale.I couldn’t, nor did I want to, wait for permission or funding or sponsorship. I was keen to get the project off the ground and I couldn’t wait for the perfect time as I knew that would never come.”


With Nick Booth at the launch event

Thank you to Nick and Stephanie for organising and putting the book together.

Thank you to Tessy Britton for being the brains behind the Community Lover’s Guides across the world.

Thank you to the 4am Project photographers for contributing their photographs.

You can buy a copy of the book here, and all the chapters are available to read online and the 4am Project Chapter is here. 

If you would like to know more about the 4am Project, it’s history and how I run it, take a look at this resources page.

Thanks to Lorna Prescott, there’s a great Storify about the build up to the launch night and plans for more Community Lovers Guides that are in the making!


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