IGNITE your success! Birmingham 15th Or 16th April!

IGNITE your success! Birmingham 15th Or 16th April!


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I’m opening up ONE place for a super-intensive, up-levellingSUCCESS IGNITION day in BIRMINGHAM next week!

We are going to light a fire in your life so big they will see it from the moon!

It’s time to ignite your success and CLAIM the freedom, the life, the lifestyle AND the money that you want and it starts right NOW!

Friday 15th April
Saturday 16th April 

This is me and you working intensively together; it will be fun, it will be a challenge, you will be taking action and you will be committed to your results!

The FASTEST way to get results is to IMMERSE yourself on an intensive day like this. Be prepared for a re-birth into the woman you want to be with the life you DREAM OF.

It’s time to UPGRADE your life. No more settling. No more slow lane to success. No more indecision.

I’m going to help you.

It’s totally possible to have a life where you wake up every day and have to pinch yourself that it’s JUST SO GOOD, you can’t believe it.

Well, believe it baby.

Is it EASY? Yes, AND no! That’s why you need to have me by your side, getting you set for success in the SIMPLEST, most straight-forward, no fuss way possible that ALIGNED with your life and your mission!

It’s starts here and it starts now, with your commitment to YOU and everything you were born for.

It’s time.

Your opportunity is now.

Grab life and all your potential and possibilities with both hands and commit to your journey, I mean FULLY COMMIT, mind, body and SOUL to your life and your destiny with a no-matter-what-it-takes attitude.

Let’s get your success LOCKED IN already.

NO MORE going over the same ground again and again. It’s time to get you MOVING at warp speed and IGNITING your success!

What does SUCCESS look like to you?

What will your life look like when you fully step into your power?

What work will you be doing?

How much money will you be making?

I’ll show you how to step up and CLAIM the life you want. If you are patiently waiting for the life you want to show up…. good luck, you’ll be in a for a long wait.

We will get down to details tailored around YOUR goals and ambitions, and we will get practical when it comes to making money, personal branding, your perfect clients, marketing Brand You and how to set it up so you ALLOW SUCCESS TO FLOW instead of you CHASING IT!

Is this a HELL YES?!

Are you ready to commit to yourself, your life?!

Are you ready to make the investment in dreams, goals and ambitions?!

This place WILL be snapped up so if you want YOUR NAME on it and you want to work with me intensively on this life changing day, then hit reply to this email, or email karenstrunks@gmail.com or PM me on Facebook or DM me on twitter – just get in touch fast and let’s talk so we can get your success locked in!! 

This is the most intensive and personal way to work with me and I’ll be right by your side as you step into the life you are born to live, doing what you love, making money from your passions and OWNING your life, your future and your destiny. I’ll also be there for you AFTER our day together with four 20 minute power calls so you can reach out to me anytime.

Get in touch with me now if you are serious about igniting your success and let’s get it locked in. Don’t miss this opportunity.

IGNITE your success! Birmingham 15th Or 16th April!

BONUS!! If you book this by midnight on Sunday (TOMORROW!) you will also receive FREE MEMBERSHIP to my No Limits Mastermind(£198 value).


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karen strunksABOUT Karen Strunks is a speaker and author and helps daring, rebellious, non-conforming women create a No Compromise life and business doing exactly what they love.

She left her ‘cubicle cage’ and made a break for freedom to follow her passions. Today she is empowering women to step away from the norm, break the rules and follow their passions.

Her work has been featured in print, TV and radio such as The Guardian, BBC, Radio 4, Time Out NYC, The Telegraph, BBC Radio Wales, and she has worked with national and international brands.

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