Q & A: Deciding your social media reporting fee

Q & A: Deciding your social media reporting fee

I had a great question come in from a  fellow social media reporter.

“My name is Trina and I am in the Social Media Reporting industry here in the U.S. I am having a bit of difficulty deciding on a fee structure and was hoping I could get your input?”


What a great question! And this is something that nearly all of us struggle with, especially when we are first starting out.

Here are some of my suggestions to consider when figuring out what to charge for social media services:

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What to consider when deciding what to charge for your social media services:
  • What help are you offering your customers?
  • What’s the benefit to them if they hire you?
  • What results will they receive?
  • How are you positioning your service?
  • What customers do you want to attract?
  • Do you charge low and maybe have a lot of customers or charge a premium price for fewer customers.
  • Why are they employing you exactly?
  • Do you need to employ someone else to help you?
  • Is there travel involved?
  • How much planning/thinking/idea generating is involved before the actual event?
  • Are there any pre/post event meetings?
  • What do your clients want tracking?
  • What depth of support are they looking for?
  • Do they need reports? If so, in what format?
  • How do they want the results presented?
  • What size is the company?
  • What is their budget? Don’t be afraid to ask them.
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And ultimately ask yourself:  What are you going to happy with when all those factors are taken into consideration!
What are your top tips when deciding a price structure? Share them in the comments!
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