Q & A: Preparing for work when your contract ends

Q & A: Preparing for work when your contract ends

Q & A: Preparing for work when your contract ends

I get asked quite a variety of questions; from social media, business, career, project management, photography….! Instead of just replying by email, I thought I would answer them by video and share my knowledge when work and time allows!

Your question, my answer!

Q: Karen, how do I prepare for work when my contract is due to expire in the summer time?

A: My Top tips

1. Network. Get to know people. Allow them to get to know you. Keep in touch with people you like in the industry you are interested. Be yourself. Be authentic.

2. What job seeking methods work the best? 4-10% success rate – applying for jobs listed on the internet OR 33% success rate – through people you know/your network

3. Get active on LinkedIn. ‘Work’ it. Are you connections connected to a company you want to work with? Ask for recommendations and introductions. Get your profile in order.

4. What does google say about you? Employers will google you. Get your profile to shine!

5. Do you have a website? Are you talking about what’s happening in your industry? Use social media to show and share your knowledge and stand out from the crowd in your industry?

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What would you do if you were Peter? Share your tips in the comments!

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