Push GO!

Push GO!

Even if you are feeling a bit of hesitation, ask yourself what is really stopping you? When I find I hesitate about stuff that I actually want to do, or be part of, then it means I’m just adjusting to pushing my boundaries and limits, so that I can grow more. I’ve NEVER regretted pushing through those feelings.

Push GO!

Push GO!

Sometimes it’s easier to stay where we are.

It gets really nice and comfortable doesn’t it? And sometimes we even moan about our circumstances and blame everyone and everything else but ourselves.

About this time last year I went into a right grump with the world! I was so frustrated that I wasn’t where I wanted to be. And I did what is the easiest to do, blame the world and say ‘It’s not fair’!

But do you know what? It WAS flipping well fair because that’s where MY OWN decisions had taken me. I was were I was at that point because that’s where I decided to be. My very own decision and actions had taken me there.

When that penny dropped, I changed. My decisions changed. I PRESSED GO and never let go of the steering wheel of my life.

You see, when you realise that you are actually in the driving seat, and you accept full responsibility for where you are, it’s empowering!

If you don’t take control of your destination (your goals, your business, your success, you happiness), then you might as well hop on any old bus that comes along because if you don’t know where you are going, or don’t care, then any old road will take you there.

And when you aren’t in control you forget about your goals.

You don’t take action. You stop being completely and amazingly YOU. You might hope that something will happen, and you will wait for it to happen instead of deciding to MAKE it happen.

You don’t have to wait for anything that you want!

The position we are in right now is incredible! If you look back only a few decades you can see how far we have come! We’ve got everything we need right now. There is NEVER a better time to live the life and build the business you want.

We get to decide and we get to say YES TO OURSELVES.

We don’t have to wait. Up until a few years ago if you wrote a book you had to wait for a publisher to pick you and eventually your book may get in front of readers. Now we can publish our own books. If you wanted a career on tv, you had to wait to be selected. Now you can have your own youtube show.

We can say NO to waiting to be picked by someone and say YES to stepping-up and saying YES TO OURSELVES.

I want to make sure you don’t miss this chance! This offer really won’t be repeated and it’s only available for a few more hours. This is the smallest investment you can ever make in yourself that will give you 100 times value in return!

Joining the Big Daring Business Academy is like having a monthly pass to my brain!

If you are ready to push GO and you’re ready to join me inside the Big Daring Business Academy now is the time to do it.

Taking control and changing is powerful.

If you are doing work you are merely tolerating, it’s time to change that. Seriously. Don’t do it to yourself. You can start by taking action now that will put you in the driving seat until you are ready to smash the walls down and break free!

Waiting is a waste of time. There is never a perfect time. You start where you are with what you have and you make a decision and take action.

The Big Daring Business Academy is about taking action even when you don’t feel ready. It’s about doing the things that push you out of your comfort zone so you can get further faster. Plus there will be new training twice a month, group coaching calls and a facebook group where you can pick my brain every day!

Inside the Academy I’ll be covering:

  • marketing
  • social media
  • promotions
  • positioning
  • money
  • launching
  • motivation
  • success

Plus there will be how-tos on the right mindset and attitudes that will propel you closer to your goals.

Make a decision bet on YOU and get ready to skyrocket your success!

Push Go



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