Are your clients making you happy?!

Are your clients making you happy?!

One of the many reasons that people sack their boss and create their own income is because they want more control and say in their own lives, and one of those areas is who they work with and spend time with.


Are your clients making you happy?!


For the most part, when you go and work for someone else, you don’t get a say in who you work with. You could be fortunate and have a team of great people around you, or you could end up stuck with people who just aren’t a good fit for you on any level. I’ve experienced both!

When you become your own boss you have the luxury of making up your own rules! How awesome is that?

One of my rules is to make sure I only work with people I like.

As you know I’m all for keeping everything in my life as positive as possible.

That means

  • no news
  • no miserable friends
  • no people that have a glass half-empty view

You get the idea.

It’s only an obvious extension that I keep that rule for my business. Beside business and not-business really are the same thing with me! Business IS personal.

When I’ve been an employee I’ve HAD to work with people I’m not that fussed about (I’m sure the feeling was mutual haha). Typically, you just don’t get a say. When I think about the amount of hours I’ve spent in the company of colleagues whose energy alone is enough to drag any good mood down….!

So, I refuse to do it now.

If you are your own boss, and this isn’t one of your rules then do yourself a favour and add it in pronto! I highly recommend it.

If you are going to work for yourself, and you have clients that aren’t a good fit for you and you aren’t enjoying working with them, then stop it.

I understand there may be times when you have to compromise that luxury for financial reasons, but during the times you have a choice, then use that choice. Sometimes, NO amount of money is worth the stress and upset of a client mis-match!

The result will be not only will you being the work you love, which will have the knock-on effect of increased confidence, motivation, and general happiness, when it’s with the right client all those things are multiplied!

Here are some tips so you can make sure you are working with the right clients!

  • Having met or spoken with potential clients, what is your first impression? Tap into your feelings. Do they feel like you could enjoy working with them?

  • Do you feel like it’s a two-way feeling? Did they show an interest in you? Where they friendly?

  • Also, check out their reputation. What do other people say about them? Are you struggling to find any praise online, or do they have glowing reviews from people that rave about them? If they have a bad reputation, will they be a good fit for you and your company?

  • I’ve mentioned using your feelings, and I’m a big advocate of trusting your instincts and if alarm bells are ringing, and you can’t quite put your finger don’t be afraid to walk away. I had first hand experience of this earlier in the year. Something didn’t quite fee right with someone who I was potentially going to team up with. I had doubts but no evidence of what could be making my alarm bells ring. Fast forward a couple of months, LOTS of wasted time and energy and I found out why! Listen to and learn to trust your gut feeling.

  • If there is something more obvious that is causing you concern about the potential client, just speak to them about it. Bring it up early, say you are concerned about XYZ. This is their chance to put you in the picture and it maybe that when they address your concern you are able to move on.

Think about the times, both in business and in your personal life when you found a great match.

  • What was so great about that person, or their business?
  • Why did you like them so much?
  • What did you have in commons? Interest? Points of view?

It sounds a lot like dating and I suppose it is! You want to find your perfect business match!

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