004: Talking Creating Online Income, Productivity, Working In Alignment and Money & Success Mindset

004: Talking Creating Online Income, Productivity, Working In Alignment and Money & Success Mindset

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Welcome to the Big Daring Business Show Episode 4!

The Big Daring Business Show is my podcast where every Wednesday I’ll be interviewing a world class business leader. We will be talking business, marketing, social media, success and I’ll be asking them about the biggest and most daring moves they’ve ever made in their business! Stayed tuned because I promise I’ll be bringing you amazing guests!

Introducing today’s Big Daring Business Show Guest…Kat Loterzo!

Kat Loterzo helps kickass women entrepreneurs design the business and life of their dreams. Her special gift is in inspiring, motivating and empowering women who already know they can HAVE it all to get out there and TAKE it all.

Kat is a best-selling author and an internationally renowned speaker, entrepreneur and coach,

She’s founded The Rich Chick Coaching Institute, Rich Chick Certification Program, Rich Chick Business Mastermind, and Rich Chick Magazine.

Kat is also a busy Mum to 2 children under 5 and understands what it’s like to have big dreams and a burning desire to leave her mark on the world while also enjoying precious time with her family and looking after her own health, sanity and well being.

Her “Selfish Bitch Revolution” was born from a desire to show women that it’s okay to want your life, your way, and has since become a worldwide movement of women ready to step up and say YES to truly pressing play on their dreams and forgoing the “Mummy Guilt” and rules about how life “should” be lived.

She built a half million dollar a year business which now doubles in size each year and currently has over 50 active income sources

She is also an expert in “No B.S” coach and helps women create a business and life completely on their terms!

In this episode, we talk

Creating online income

Uber productivity

Money highs and money lows

Working in alignment with passions

Success mindset

Committing to your business and your goals

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Plan B

The Flinch by Julien Smith

Tell Your Boss To Stick It

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