How to create products people want to buy and make money on your terms

How to create products people want to buy and make money on your terms

Okay! Let’s get stuck straight into this!


Let’s talk about creating products that people want to buy!

First you really have to get to know your client and what they WANT the most. They want a solution to a problem. And hopefully you are the one who can and who will solve their problem!

Rather than just creating a product that you THINK your clients would like, give them what they actually WANT! Don’t deprive them!

If people have a problem they want a solution. RIGHT NOW.

  • Knowing your clients what is it that they WANT the most right now?
  • What problem or problems do they have?
  • What fears or concerns do they have?
  • What are they struggling with?
  • If you could give them a solution to their biggest problems, what would it be?

If you aren’t sure then you have to reach out to your clients, your audience, your followers, the people who are digging what you do who may not be a client yet, and just ASK them what it is they want right now. This is something I ask YOU every few months so I can make sure I’m helping you with what’s relevant to you right now! I can’t guess that type of thing and neither can you.

If there is a WANT that doesn’t meet my PASSIONS then it doesn’t get created, or else I would start filling my business with things that I feel a bit ‘meh’ about – and that’s crazy! You may as well fill your business with things you LOVE than things you tolerate.


This isn’t just lip service or a cute phrase I like to roll out. This is about working in a way that is totally suited to you and your personality and your beliefs, your morals and your philosophy.

It can take courage to step up and do that, because we often cling to things that we know – even though it’s not working – or it’s what other people are doing – which might be right for THEM, but not right for you.

Once you make the decisions to really play the game of life and work on your terms – you will NEVER go back! If it’s the right thing for you to do – and it FEELS good, do it! Don’t hold yourself back for another minute.

Also there is no bigger thrill than to do exactly what you please, AND then get paid for it. IT’S AN INCREDIBLE FEELING!

Here’s ways you can make money on YOUR terms. 

  1. Stop working for clients that aren’t a great fit just because they are offering you money
  2. Stop doing work you don’t like just because you think you should
  3. Stop doing things just because you are good at them and you are competent.
  4. START stepping up and saying yes and making a declaration to doing business your way and making money on your terms!
  5. START filling your life and business with things that you love, enjoy, can’t wait to do, with AWESOME clients and making money your way!

Believe more is possible

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