It’s all a risk

It's all a risk

I’m sitting on a rooftop balcony looking over a moon drenched Barcelona as I write this.

I have a table and wifi and there’s a gentle, cooling breeze. I’m renting a small apartment here; a penthouse it’s described as. It’s my petite penthouse. I’ve rented it until this Saturday, just 4 days time and I have no plans on where I am going to go next, but it won’t be back ‘home’.

Just a few minutes ago I was looking at a map of Europe. Which country next? This one, or that one? Somewhere cooler than Barcelona perhaps. And Valencia before that. And London before that.

I used to have to have everything planned out and know my next move. Now? I’ll book something when the time is right, even if it’s right at the last minute – something that would normally put me and most people into a spin!

I will be fine. I will find the perfect Next Stop for me.

I have set my business up so I don’t have to be location dependant and I’m on a mission to show people that it’s possible to really, truly create the life of their dreams on THEIR TERMS and make their own money, doing what they LOVE and I can show you how in my free webinar . Yes, that includes strategies, and how-to’s and social media and also, the attitude and mindset – the most important thing.

People think it’s too risky to leave their job – even though they hate it.

Let me tell you, LIFE is risky!

When you get out of bed in the morning you are taking a risk. How some of us make it to the end of the day doesn’t bear thinking about! 😉

I’ll tell you what’s MORE risky than anything; living a life that you don’t enjoy. Allowing PARTS of your life to suck. Allowing, even a hour a day, not to be great in your life is a RISK. To hell with that!

Who tells you; ‘you can have as much fun as you like, doing what you like, but only in the hours of 5pm and 6am and sometimes at the weekends?’.

Shut up and listen. When are you going to realise this is YOUR LIFE we are talking about? If you don’t take control of it, someone else will. Are you happy taking THAT risk?!

I’m living my dream life right now. Laptop, business, FREEDOM. It’s always been about FREEDOM. When I was sitting in the office doing soul destroying work that didn’t light up my life, let alone anyone else’s, it was the thought that there must be a way to FREEDOM – I just had to figure it out. 

It’s taken me 7 years to get to this point, I had a lot of learning to do, I didn’t always know – or even ask myself- what I wanted. I hadn’t defined exactly what I wanted and I got caught up in ‘busy’ and thinking that doing what I loved and earning my own money meant I had to work hard, to prove that I earnt it! I didn’t check in with my goals and it was enough that I wasn’t working for someone else; though for a couple of years I took a part time job which I thought I would enjoy, and I did, but I always kept my business going as well.

It doesn’t have to take you 7 years. You can TOTALLY fast-forward through all my learnings and trials and figuring things out! In fact, I highly recommend you do. Sure it feels risky taking that leap and turning your back on the 9-5. When I took the leap it was ALL OR NOTHING, sink or swim, bridges burned, there was no turning back. Even then, it wasn’t as risky as doing another days work for someone else’s dream. It was time for me to learn how to make my OWN money from my skills, talents and passions.

Life is a risk.

Life rewards risk takers.

Are you here to live your life how everyone else does?

Or are you here to actually figure out how you want your life and work to be, and DO SOMETHING about it, like, I dunno….take a risk maybe!

Are you going to chose your life? Or are you going to allow someone else chose how it goes?

Are you going to decide that now it’s time to create something? Something REAL this time? Something not just in your mind that will be nice to do one day. Something that you actually spend time, effort, energy, emotion into MAKING AND CREATING. Something that tells the world you are SERIOUS about this. You can’t create a life and business on your terms without risk. I mean REALLY on your terms. I mean, full out God damnit this IS GOING TO WORK and you tell yourself ‘I REFUSE TO SETTLE FOR ANYTHING LESS EVER AGAIN! I refuse to live another day suppressing ME. I refuse to play it small. I refuse to be afraid of stepping into the life I dream of. I refuse to let another minute, hell a second, go by without going in the direction of my dreams and goals and desires and my dream life and my destiny. I’m not waiting for permission, I’m GIVING PERMISSION TO ME, RIGHT NOW.’

Life is a risk so you may as well go for your dreams and create a life on your terms because it’s even more risky to play it safe. Do something risky today.

Believe more is possible.


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