2 reasons your business isn’t working

2 reasons your business isn't working

1. You’ve filled it with people you don’t like

Clients, partnerships, joint ventures, staff…

I’m not saying that you’ve deliberately done that. Of course not. But how is your filter?

Decide now WHO you want to spend your time with, because that’s what it boils down to.

Just because a potential client wants to work with you, it doesn’t automatically make them the IDEAL client. Just because they are offering you money, it doesn’t make them your ideal client.

You completely get to decide who you work with, who your clients are.

You should not be basing your decisions on things like;

  • Who can get further along in your business – even though you don’t particularly like that person
  • Who is well connected – even though you have no respect for that person
  • Who has ideals or knowledge that you want – even though you only intention is to pick their brains like some sort of knowledge vampire

Actually, if that’s your modus of operandi, I don’t even want you to read any further because you are not MY type of person! Go on, be on your way!

SO. As I was saying, get clear on who you want to work with and who you want in your business in ANY shape for form.

Who DO you want on your team?

Who do you want to work with and spend your time and energy with?

Who will you LOVE working with?

When you stop working with the wrong people, and start working with the RIGHT people, let me tell you, everything becomes so much easier.

2. You’ve filled it with things you don’t like doing

You have managed to fill your business with things you think you SHOULD be doing, even though they don’t fill you with joy.

You fill your business week by doing crazy hours (I know, I’ve been there!) and you don’t know how to stop even though you are at breaking point.

You are following other people’s business systems instead of your own. Other people’s systems may be FANTASTIC for them, but it doesn’t mean that they are PERFECT for you.

You are following all the business rules to the letter instead of MAKING YOUR OWN RULES. It’s YOUR business, remember!

Stop. Think about how EXACTLY you want your business to look. I mean your IDEAL business. Your DREAM business. What are you doing each day? What will you STOP doing (all those tasks that don’t exactly rock your boat?). Why did you start your business? How did you imagine it would feel? How did you imagine it would look? Go back to the drawing board and design it precisely how you want it to look.

You can’t run a successful business filled with the wrong things! Even if there is just ONE thing that doesn’t feel right – scrap it. Today. Right now.

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