Stocking Up On Self-Belief

Stocking Up On Self-Belief

One of the causes of the biggest dents in our self-belief can actually come from OURSELVES!

Check in on your inner dialogue.

How are you speaking to yourself?

Are you letting a negative running commentary run through your mind day in day out, from your first thought of the day until your last thought before you go to sleep?

Oh I’d like to try that BUT….

I could do this….BUT

I don’t deserve to be happy

What would so and so think of me if…?

It’s selfish to want more money

Who do I think I am to want XYZ. I should be grateful for what I have.



If you have  a drive to do something MORE, that alone makes you different from 99% of the world who just trundle through and don’t make the most of life.

You aren’t here to play it small. ANYONE can do that.

You aren’t here to NOT to follow your dreams or your goals or the MORE you know are you are destined for.

You’ve got your mind and your personality and your skills and talents. YOU are unique and I don’t want you to live another moment not being FULLY YOURSELF.

You must fill up your place in life. OWN your space in the world. That means being you and taking a stand for who are you.

I went through a period when I was doing 9-5 when I played it small. I tried to fit in. I suppressed my personality. I wasn’t being fully me, I was a watered down version of myself. Was it worth it? Did anyone like me any better? NO!

You have the RIGHT TO BE YOU. It’s a world-right. It’s a God-given right. It’s your absolute right in this life!

If you are spending time worrying about what people think, you are wasting your time and your energy plus whilst you are doing that you are taking that time and energy away from more positive thoughts and activities.

Attitude is everything in life and business and self-belief plays huge role on your attitude.

I want you to go full out. FULL THROTTLE! This is it.

Do you want to waste years?

Do you want to waste months?

Even another day?!

Do you really want to look back in 6 months time and think ‘what a waste, I could have done and been so much more’? I don’t want you being scared to look back because you know you didn’t do everything you could have done and you let your self-belief let you down. I want you to look back and think ‘HELL YEAH! I freaking did this!!’

Change can happen over-night, it can happen in an instant, not just in 6 months. Make up your mind to examine your self-beliefs and THEN replace the beliefs that aren’t serving you with beliefs that rocket you to a life on your terms!

Believe more is possible,

Karen Strunks








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