Increase your odds of success

Increase your odds of success

Don’t just do what is required. Got the extra step. Go the extra 100 steps. Or 10,000. However many it takes.

You exhaust every opportunity and then you create NEW opportunities.

You get rejected, but you keep on going.

You get rejected and use it as an opportunity to get better.

You get up an extra hour early. You want success more than you want to sleep, surely?!

You learn something new every day.

You reach out to someone you want to connect with.

You aim for more than an average day, every day.

You take more than average actions every day.

You ask for what you want.

You put yourself forward.

Don’t say ‘I want this’, and then settle for anything else.

Don’t say yes to the wrong opportunities, just because it’s AN opportunity.

Don’t moan. Don’t complain. Don’t waste your energy. Put it to better use.

Don’t slow yourself down by comparing your success with anyone else’s. Their journey and life isn’t YOUR journey or life.

You keep going. You keep trying. You keep doing what it takes to bring you closer to what it is you want to achieve.

Success isn’t logical. You rarely know what’s going to cause your success until it happens. That’s why you have to take action in the right direction WITHOUT KNOWING it will work or not.

I remember when I first started working for myself someone told me; ‘Most people give up just when they are on the verge of success’. That’s stuck with me.

What IS success to you? Likely it’s a lot of different things rather than just one big thing.

What forms the base of success to me is the FREEDOM to choose what I want to do every day. That I have complete authority over myself and my life and it’s not in the hands of anyone else in any shape or form. Then after that, I have many other levels of success such as; growing my business, setting new goals and achieving them, reaching and empowering more people, make more money, have more travel adventures, and own a Manhattan apartment (a Four Seasons one) and a beach side house in LA! 🙂

It’s vital you are doing what you love and what you are passionate about. You’ve got to be IN LOVE with what you are doing!  In fact if you AREN’T DOING WHAT YOU LOVE then I’d say you CAN’T be successful. Sure you can make money. Sure you can achieve XYZ. But is the journey worth it if it’s not filled with things that you want to do, love to do and with the right people? It’s your choice, it’s all your choice, but I don’t think you can create success, true success, by doing things you don’t like, or you don’t enjoy, or just tolerate.

Are you ready to increase your odds of success?

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I’m putting together a 1 day event on Saturday 29th November in Birmingham city centre for only 5 awesome entrepreneurs who are ready to go ALL out and I want to open up the invitation to YOU!

This is about creating success ON YOUR TERMS in 2015. I mean really on your terms. No more thinking ‘wouldn’t it be nice if…..’, this is a day of getting down and working out the DETAILS and leaving with a plan of action.

This is a day for action takers, and action taking. We will be focusing on your business (whether it already exists or it’s something that you are ready to start) and creating independent wealth on your terms and that includes marketing, sales and putting a price on your services. 

Expect excuses to be challenged, limited thinking to be kicked to the curb and motivation, inspiration and action taking to be high priority.

I will personally guide you and give you the low down on how I’ve built my business that I run in 20 hours a week doing EXACTLY what I want with the most awesome clients. 

The focus will be on YOU and what you want to achieve. Small thinking and limiting beliefs will be thrown in the trash whilst you create a plan that is full of the things you WANT to do and not what you think you SHOULD do in your business and if you need help figuring that out, I’ve got that covered.

Do you dream bigger than big, big? Do you goals scare and excite you? Do you know that you be, do and have more in your life and work and that you deserve it? Good!

Because of the individual focus on your goals, places are limited to 5 people.

It will take place at The Priory Rooms, Bull Street, Bham from 10am to approx 4:30pm. £145 (approx $230).

It’s going to be a high energy day and a business and life changing one. Let’s get your goals locked in for 2015!

Save your place here. 


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