5 Fast Motivation Tips

5 Fast Motivation Tips

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Motivation eh!

It comes and it goes.

It seems to turn up when it feels like it and disappears just as quickly, leaving us wanting more!

I got an email from a good friend and fellow entrepreneur yesterday;

"You don't seem to struggle with motivation at all! Any tips? 🙂"

Here's what I fired back in the email (in bold).

Have a big enough reason to carry out the task/action/goal. What will the success look like? Is it exciting enough? What's your why? 

I've written before about having a big enough WHY. Your WHY is KEY to to your motivation. It's got to get your heart racing. It's something you GOT TO DO no matter WHAT. What's driving you? What's at the end of the goal and what's beyond that? It's got to be something really juicy because if you have a dry, stale, old goal, that just won't work. Stop and spend 5 minutes thinking about your WHY and see if it is still a good fit for you. If not, change it!

As much as possible only do the things you like to do the most. And only work with people you like as much as possible too. If you don't like the people, you won't enjoy the work and your motivation will suffer.

If you working for yourself, (and if you are just about to start, then make a note of this one), you get to CHOSE the work you do AND who you work with!

You can either be passive and unselective and work with everyone who comes your way (and get mixed experiences and then spend time and energy moaning about it. No amount of money is worth it!), OR you can make sure that as far as possible you and your customer/clients are a good fit!

Of course you are going to have to spend time making sure you actually KNOW who your ideal client is and what their qualities are. It's a bit like dating! Say your ideal is tall and brunette with kick-ass personality, and a short, blond, timid creature comes calling, you are able to spot them and reject them! There will be signs!

You can also put systems in place to make sure you repel the wrong people and attract the right ones. This, and finding out your perfect match customer wise, is what I cover in my new training.

Act on impulse. When you have the idea and get that excited/nervous/must-do-this feeling - ACT. Don't wait. Take impulsive inspired action. Don't schedule inspired action into your diary next week or the week after. Do it asap. 

 A lot of people have picked up on this change in my work over the last few months. Or they kinda feel something is a bit different but they can't quite put their finger on it. Well, this is it! I act on impulse more than I have ever done. I've never felt like I've REALLY held myself back, but I've kinda slowed myself down by planning, and waiting for the right time, and scheduling and that kind of stuff. 

Now? If I have an idea I pretty much act on it straight away. I had this idea for this blog post an hour ago, and here it is. I could have made a note of it, and then made a rough draft, then re-read the draft and fixed it up, and then put it back in a folder, and left it a week and had another look and tweaked it until I finally thinks it's ready to be published.... can you see the difference?

So take more inspired action. Don't hold yourself back planning things to perfection. MAKE A START and get the momentum going. When you leave things too long you will go off the boil. Act now. Don't wait!

Don't wait for perfect. Get used to imperfection action. And don't wait for the right time either. 

If there is a motivation killer, it's perfection.
Get used to imperfect action. By which I mean, stop polishing everything, just get it out there! 90% there is GOOD ENOUGH. Only YOU can see tiny flaws or little improvement to make, which might be nice but the really won't have an impact.
There is never going to be a perfect time and you will never have absolutely everything you need in order to 'start'. Go with what you've got and don't hold yourself back. 

And sometime you've just got to do the work even if you don't feel like it. So do it fast and get it out of the way 😀

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